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You are in: Change Page LayoutChange the way Logolinks displays information, show or hide logos, hide the text, show logos only, fit more logos on your screen and more - have a play with it and don't forget to try out the preset layouts.
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Display Logo?

Select YES if you want to see a clickable LOGO for each link. Hovering the mouse over the LOGO will display the site title. Select NO if you do not wish to view a graphic logo (for slower connections). Instead the site title will be displayed as a hyperlink. More options might become available if riots ensue
Additional Text ?

Site Review
Site Title
Shhhh! None
Select SITE REVIEW if you would like a quick overview of the website to be displayed alongside the logo. Select SITE TITLE if you only want the brief site title to be displayed alongside the logo or select NONE if you do not wish ANY additional text to be displayed. If you choose NONE, logolinks will display three or more logolinks in a line depending on the logos per line setting below.
Logos per line ?

If you are viewing LOGOS with NO ADDITIONAL TEXT, Logolinks will usually display five logos per line. If you have a wide screen resolution, then you may increase this number up to nine. Try it and see but remember to turn off the text as well, or simply click the LOGOMANIA preset.
Info Icons ?

Show Icons
No Icons
Logolinks will display its little square information icons like those shown below, either adjacent to or underneath the logo depending on your view settings. If you'd rather not see these, you can turn them off.

Logomania Fast Text Normal

Note: LOGOMANIA preset really likes a minimum 1024 pixel resolution !
LogomaniaNormal Display
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