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You are in: Banner Swap Banner Swap: If you have a website listed on Logolinks or if you want to swap links, check out our banner farm for a selection of graphical images. Let us know when you've linked to us and we'll return the favour.

Link Exchange

Logolinks is dedicated to bringing you the latest, coolest and most relevant UK biased websites. We welcome suggestions for new links, we'll even acknowledge the fact that you recommended the link on our website. And although we focus on the UK, we will accept websites from all over the world providing that they offer a UK relevance.

This page contains banners which you can place on your website to link to logolinks, feel free to position any of these banners anywhere on your website. Simply copy the image to your website and either point it to www.logolinks.co.uk or any of our zones directly. We do not use framesets so you can link directly to any of our pages without any problems. Be sure to tell us when you've added our link.

Members Banner
Use this 8K banner if your site in included in the logolinks directory

Members Banner
Alternatively this slightly lower quality one is only 5K in size!

Small Banner
or if space is a premium, why not use this 4K mini link

Gold Star Award
If your site is a Logolinks Gold Star site, use this banner. All logolinks sites are chosen for their value, however a few of these sites really should be bookmarked. The gold star sites are must visits, miss at your peril.

Design Award
If you have been awarded the logolinks web design award, why not flash this icon on your site. This award is given for sites which have displayed exceptionally good design and artwork

FastClicks Banner
This one is a general 400x40 advertising banner for Fast Clicks

UK Banners
This one is bigger 468x60 (10k) banner for UK Banners

LinkExchange Banner
..and another for Link Exchange Network

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