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You are in: FitnessFitness: Welcome to the fitness zone, listing cool places to keep you fit and healthy. Bodybuilding, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Running, Martial Arts. Martial Arts will be receiving a dedicated zone in the near future.

1735: London MarathonInformationWikipediaGold-Star The London Marathon began in 1981 and is one of the top five marathons in the world that make up the World Marathon Majors competition. The 2012 marathon is on Sunday 22nd April. There will be road closures on the day.
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702: RunnersWorld (UK Runners Store)InformationeCommerce Runners World is a long standing UK based online store specialising in clothing and accessories for people who love running. Whether you're a seasoned runner, or you're just starting and you need new kit and a lot of advice, visit the site!
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622: Kumi Uchi Ryu (Martial Arts)Information Kumi Uchi Ryu is a martial arts association from the UK. They have a number of clubs throughout the UK, more details on-site including a history of Ju Jitsu. Thanks to Harry for the link
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623: Only Martial Arts (Directory)Information Only Martial Arts, is a worldwide directory of martial arts events, schools and suppliers. It includes a number of UK clubs.
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632: UK Rec Bodybuilding (Bodybuilding and Fitness)Information UK Rec Bodybuilding, News, views and advice on all aspects of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Thanks to Rich for the link
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658: Sports Supplements (The Directory)InformationGold-Star Sports Supplements, another superb site by Richard Johnston. It's an essential news resource and supplier directory of sports supplements (vitamins etc) for bodybuilders and athletes alike. Top marks for HTML site design and content
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705: Gymratz (Fitness Supplements Store)Information Gymratz, online supplements store. The site offers unbiased advice and a quality selection of products, each with detailed descriptions. Secure online ordering. Thanks to Pete for the link.
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712: Train Hard (Bodybuilding)Information Train Hard, excellent British bodybuilding resource. News, tips, profiles, diet, training, before and after pics, links, and cool people. Plus a no-bull, online personal training programme. Link courtesy of George Whyte
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