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You are in: Display SettingsDisplay Settings: The display settings zone contains options which allow to you change the appearance of Logolinks on your PC. Have a play with it and see what you like best - the settings are saved in a cookie on your PC.

48: Change Page LayoutInformation Change the way Logolinks displays information, show or hide logos, hide the text, show logos only, fit more logos on your screen and more - have a play with it and don't forget to try out the preset layouts.
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54: LogomaniaInformation If you have 1024 resolution or higher, view Logolinks as it was originally intended to be viewed. Loads and Loads of clickable logos without descriptive blurb and other clutter.
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61: Normal DisplayInformation Donít panic, This quick link returns your display settings to the Logolinks factory preset. This is the bog-standard mode which consists of a logolink graphic, brief editorial review text and little information icons
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