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About Logolinks

What is logolinks? Why is it here? how long has it been here? These and other questions will shortly be answered in this Zone which is currently in the hands of our developers. Keep in touch and visit again. As sections are added to this zone they will appear below

Meanwhile... A Brief History is the original UK based logo driven directory. It first appeared on the Internet in 1998. Back then Logolinks was a static site, which means that each page was coded individually by hand. It is now dynamically driven via bespoke Perl scripting using a database. The first links ever to appear were: Webcrawler, Altavista and Freeserve.

There is approximately 3000 lines of totally unique Perl programming driving the website.

Logolinks was created by Demon Pete Berrecloth, a computer programmer and graphic designer from London. It is still totally controlled by Demon Pete, with input from many other sources and techincal guidance from Digital Ornaments. is not part of - god knows who they are!

Digital Ornaments

Digital Ornaments, a breath of fresh air amongst the myriad of corporate uni-size stiff websites so common on the web these days. No Microsoft, no Frontpage, no ASP, no SSI, no fixed size pages and no bloatware. Instead, raw HTML design at the base, multi-platform Perl scripting, optimised graphics and totally bespoke programming - all working together. We hope you enjoy the presentation.

62: About LogolinksInformation What is Logolinks, who created it and why? What was the first link, what is the history of this website and how long has it been online. How does it work? This zone is currently in development.
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