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You are in: ShoppingShopping: Welcome to Demon Petes virtual UK shopping city. Online shopping has gone ballistic on the web in the UK recently. Many stores and directories are opening each week. Here's the best of the current crop.

shau: Auctions Online Auctions Zone, Online auctions are very popular and many new ones are appearing. Let me know your favourites and worst and we'll publish them here
shbo: Books Here's some top online bookstores. Some may sell other products, but rather than me having to check all the time, why not visit them yourselves and see what they currently offer
shce: Shopping Centres The Shopping Centre Zone lists some of the best UK orientated online shopping sites and shopping directories. It also contains real shopping centres in case you wander outside
shel: Electrical The Electric Shop Zone lists both High Street and Internet electrical retailers. Brown goods, white goods, hifi, computers, rental, computers, cameras, appliances
shfr: Freebies Why pay for goods when you can get so much stuff for free. Okay you might not be able to provide for a family of four, but you can get plenty of interesting goodies for free on the Internet. These sites cater for UK audiences.
shga: Gadgets If you need something different, latest gadgets or state-of-the-art technology or just some flash Harry who whats the latest expensive toy. This is the shopping zone for you
shge: Department Stores Top links to department stores, online catalog stores and other stores of general interest. Also currently includes stores which do not fit into the other categories
shgi: Gifts Looking for a wedding present or a birthday gift for a loved one, flowers, jokes, novelties, gadgets or just some general tat for the house
shki: Toy Shops The Toy Shop Zone. Online Toys stores are very popular and here are some of the coolest and best known ones
shmu: Music and Record Shops The Music Shop Zone is your guide to online shopping for Tickets, Vinyl, CD, DVD and all other kinds on musical purchases
702: RunnersWorld (UK Runners Store)InformationeCommerce Runners World is a long standing UK based online store specialising in clothing and accessories for people who love running. Whether you're a seasoned runner, or you're just starting and you need new kit and a lot of advice, visit the site!
Edit: 1st Jan 1999 - View Similar Links

1712: Union Jack MerchandiseInformationGold-StarInspire Me!eCommerce Union Jack Wear is a family run online store dedicated to products bearing the union jack. Perfect for parties.
Edit: 8th Dec 2011 - View Similar Links

79: Argos (Catalogue Showroom)InformationWikipediaGold-Star First opening in 1973, Argos is now the largest general-goods retailer in the United Kingdom and Ireland with over 800 stores. It is unique amongst major retailers in the UK in that it is a catalogue merchant.
Edit: 1st Jan 1999 - View Similar Links

277: Tesco OnlineInformationWikipediaGold-StareCommerce Tesco, founded in 1919 in London, is the king of supermarkets and has a massive site here. Wine, entertainment, flowers, groceries, electrical, baby and pretty much everything else.
Edit: 1st Jan 1999 - View Similar Links

1568: Hobbycraft (Arts and Craft Superstore)InformationWikipediaGold-StareCommerce Hobbycraft is the largest UK arts and crafts store and the first of it's kind in Europe. If you don't have a store near you, they have an online shop where you can browse their range of crafts.
Edit: 14th Sep 2009 - View Similar Links

300: Homecrafts DirectInformationeCommerce Get back to basics and experience pre-computer crafts and hobbies - they do exist you know. Homecrafts Direct sell everything for the hobbyist - over 9000 products! Basket weaving anyone?
Edit: 3rd Oct 2002 - View Similar Links

81: eBay UK (UK Online Auction)InformationShining-StarInspire Me!eCommerce eBay UK, the UK version of the global Auction site and probably the best UK auction site. Search for items for sale specific to the UK and in UK currency. Top Site.
Edit: 8th Apr 2000 - View Similar Links

170: Shop at AmazonInformationShining-Star Mega savings and rapid delivery on DVD and Video from Amazon, the UK's most famous online shop.
Edit: 9th Feb 2005 - View Similar Links

244: Staggerin (Party Essentials)InformationGold-Star Looking to spice up a party night, look no further than Staggerin. Over 2000 products to add flavour to your party, Fancy Dress, Stag and Hen, Theme nights, and so on. Free UK delivery.
Edit: 15th Oct 2003 - View Similar Links

12: Avon (Fashion Store)Information Avon is the world's leading direct seller of beauty and related products and one of the UK's leading sellers of mass beauty products. They also sell fashion jewellery, lingerie, accessories and gifts.
Edit: 11th Nov 2002 - View Similar Links

18: As Seen on Screen (Shopping)Information Seen some cool gear on TV recently, buy it!! is the only site in the world where you can buy the stuff you've seen in the movies, TV and on celebrities.
Edit: 29th Oct 2002 - View Similar Links

279: Lets Buy It (Co-Buying Online Store)Information Lets Buy It! This is a great idea called co-buying. Join the thousands of UK and European members and purchase goods collectively to gain maximum discount. Membership is free. Suggest products for purchase or simply get a great deal on the existing range
Edit: 14th Nov 2000 - View Similar Links

295: Outdoor StoreInformationGold-Star If you enjoy the great outdoors, you'll need to be kitted out properly. This store specialises in clothes and equipment for outdoor activities. Next day delivery.
Edit: 5th Oct 2002 - View Similar Links

70: Index (Catalogue Showroom)InformationGold-Star Index Online, the high street catalogue shop. View and purchase goods from the catalogue online or, if you still fancy a walk, there's a handy store locator
Edit: 5th Feb 2000 - View Similar Links

72: Elite TitlesInformationGold-Star Forget flash cars and personalised plates, beat the Joneses by joining the English aristocracy. For 300 quid a pair, you can buy real legal title from Elite titles. Become Lord and Lady, Baron, Duchess, Duke, Viscount etc.
Edit: 19th Mar 2002 - View Similar Links

74: Surprise Your Woman (Gifts)Information Recently seen on UK TV, this site has a range of carefully selected gifts for men to surprise the woman in their life. Next day delivery across the UK and same day within the M25
Edit: 12th Mar 2002 - View Similar Links

75: Magazine Shop (UK Top Mag Subscription Service)Information eMagazine Shop, the UK's central online portal for magazine subscriptions. They have over 300 magazine subscription offers - massive savings
Edit: 22nd Mar 1999 - View Similar Links

80: UmbroInformation should be in every football fans bookmarks. Check our football zone for more great links. Pre-Order the New England Reversible kit now. Free delivery and gift!!
Edit: 1st Mar 2002 - View Similar Links

338: WStore (Online Computer Store)Information Wstore, online computer superstore with an inventory of over 7000 products. Hardware, Software, Peripherals and Books. Personal and Business accounts are available. 30 day payment terms and free delivery.
Edit: 7th Dec 1999 - View Similar Links

678: UK Free Stuff (Freebies Onlines)Information UK Free Stuff from Harry Freebie! Why pay for stuff when so many people are giving it away, literally. This superb UK site carries links to plenty of sites offering free goodies and even offers a newsletter
Edit: 14th Dec 1999 - View Similar Links

679: BigSave (Online Shopping)Information Bigsave, announced as the Biggest, Busiest and Best one-stop shop for British consumers. Well its certainly got loads of choice - over 5000 products and big savings. Free registration required
Edit: 7th Dec 1999 - View Similar Links

732: SaferShopper (Online Shopping Guide)Information Safer Shopper. Worried about handing over your credit card details online? Check out this reassuring guide to online shopping
Edit: 2nd Sep 1999 - View Similar Links

758: Shop Guide UK Information ShopGuide is a superb directory of top UK online stores, this site maintains about 450 secure UK sites, all reviewed and rated
Edit: 1st Jun 1999 - View Similar Links

812: 20 20 Shops (Online Shopping Guides)InformationGold-Star 20 20 Shops, one of the best UK online shopping review sites around. With unbiased opinion, you'll be getting the right advice. Offers, reader voting and more. Thanx for the comments Mike.
Edit: 20th Nov 2000 - View Similar Links

819: Urban Fetch (Fast London Store) Information Urban Fetch launched in 1999 in New York and has now traversed the Atlantic to London. Order anything from their site and its delivered FREE within London in just one hour. About
Edit: 15th Jun 2000 - View Similar Links

832: ShopSmart (Online Shopping Mall)Information ShopSmart, recommended UK online shopping centre. Nice design without pesky frames. This site rates over 800 secure shops, full categorised search and rated sites. Compare online prices with PriceScanand check out latest trends with What's Hot
Edit: 29th Nov 1999 - View Similar Links

833: Pricerunner (Price Comparison)Information Price runner, this great site compares technical specs and prices to find you the best deal around. Whether your buying online or offline, check it out!!
Edit: 30th Oct 2000 - View Similar Links

838: Classic England (Shopping Mall)Information The Classic England Shopping Mall, selling the best British products you can buy. A top class selection of top quality UK based online speciality stores
Edit: 12th Nov 1999 - View Similar Links

840: Value Mad (Bargain Hunter Shopping)Information Value Mad, Captain Value Mad! and Asda let you search the web for rock bottom prices. Subscribe, set the products you are interested in and the Captain will e-mail you with the latest bargains
Edit: 22nd Nov 1999 - View Similar Links

849: NoBags (Shopping Directory)Information Nobags is the UK's most respected shopping directory, knocking the big names out the water with our independent reviews of over 1400 UK stores. Competitions weekly, comparison shopping and a brand new 'buy it in a group' tool
Edit: 22nd Jun 2000 - View Similar Links

851: British Shopping Links (Online Directory)Information British Shopping Links, the UK premier online shopping directory. This site has categorised, reviewed and searchable links to hundreds of Online Stores.
Edit: 25th Jan 2000 - View Similar Links

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