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What's a Tracker?

Back in the 1980s, machines called the Amiga and Atari ST reigned supreme. They had really cool OS and decent sound and video chips. In those days PC's could only beep and cost thousands of pounds, how things have changed.
Anyway, these ere Tracker programs were built to allow programmers to develop music for the games they were producing. The Atari and Amiga could play 8 bit samples directly from memory and the trackers could trigger these samples at pre-programmed intervals and apply effects to them to produce a very decemt sounding tune.
Instead of displaying the song using musical notation, the tracker displayed its tracks, vertically down the screen. Notes were displayed in mnemonic form, such as C-5 E, where sample E is played in C in octave 5. The notes could be edited simply by moving the cursor around the tracks and pressing the keys on the keyboard

Octamed Soundstudio (Music Software)Advanced trackers such as Octamed include a sample editor with which you could rip breakbeats and samples from your favourite records and use them in your own compositions. When I first used Octamed on the Amiga, even though it only had four tracks, it was jaw droppingly impressive. Now that PC Octamed Soundstudio is here why not download it and see what a tracker does
932: Octamed Soundstudio (Music Software)InformationGold-Star Octamed is a really cool tracker program. Originally the top Amiga tracker, now improved with more tracks and 16 bit sound for the PC. Download the 30 day evaluation now. Winamp compatible, MED, MOD, midi files. Links [Octamed User Group] [Download Octamed]
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