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What's MIDI

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It's a digital interface which lets musical instruments exchange data between one another. Typically a PC or Mac would exchange data with a keyboard which would then play the desired notes. The keyboard would also send data to the PC about which notes had been played.
MIDI files contain information about the notes to be played and the way to play them, but not data about the samples or instruments themselves. This means the files are small, but may sound different depending on your equipment. In fact they may sound terrible!
MIDI channels tend to be standardised as certain instruments, so your Piano will normally play Piano-ish and not as a Snare drum but this does not guarantee you will head what the composer heard! To listen to MIDI files you either need a computer with a MIDI driver which plays pre-set instruments through your sound card, or better still, a keyboard or synth connected via MIDI. These days, mobile phones are able to use midi files as their ringtones so you'll be able to get tons of them online. Heres some links to MIDI resources.
One final thing to remember with MIDI is that you are very unlikely to hear vocals (until someone invents a MIDI singer!) which can be a little disappointing when listening to your favourite chart hit. If its vocal you want to play with then we seriously recommend taking a look at Octamed.
932: Octamed Soundstudio (Music Software)InformationGold-Star Octamed is a really cool tracker program. Originally the top Amiga tracker, now improved with more tracks and 16 bit sound for the PC. Download the 30 day evaluation now. Winamp compatible, MED, MOD, midi files. Links [Octamed User Group] [Download Octamed]
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972: The Midi Farm (MIDI Resource)Information The MIDI Farm, the home of MIDI on the net, listing hundreds of files.
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