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You are in: Music Download SitesMusic Download Sites: Welcome to the digital music revolution - the growing i-pod generation. You can legally puchase and download music via the Internet and here's some top links and resources to get you well on your way.

143: Apple i-Tunes (Music Download)InformationGold-Star i-Tunes for Mac and PC is Apples legal music download portal. Superb Apple design and features, reasonable price and massive catalog. Download and unlimited burn to CD or i-Pod. No support for other players though.
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144: Limewire (P2P Free Fileshare)InformationGold-Star Despite the emergence of legal download sites, peer to peer file sharing is thriving as never before. Limewire is a fantastic P2P client, it's free, fast and very easy to use. Start sniffing out the obscurities from the depths of the globe!
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145: War Child Music (Music Download)Information War Child is a charity dedicated to helping children in the worlds troubled regions. Now they have an MP3 music download website where the money from your subscriptions goes to the charity.
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147: Napster (Music Download)InformationGold-Star Napster offers a great deal on its subscription service but there is extra charge to download music to a portable device or CD. Navigation is simple and the original Napster community spirit is still alive.
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