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Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

Latest news is one of the most sought after pieces of information on the Internet so imagine how useful it would be for your visitors to be able to get live news direct from your website. While this seems like a great idea, updating news manually can be a pain in the rear. What if you could add a script on your page which automatically updates the news on your site direct from - the BBC for example. Well you can do just that with RSS.
An RSS feed is an special XML data file published by some news providers (and other websites) alongside their standard web pages. The RSS feed is changed every time the news provider changes their content so it is always up-to-date. Anyone with software capable of decoding the RSS file can then use this content free of charge on their own website. Of course, you should never pass on this content with the impression that it is your own - because it isn't
The simplest was of implementing this service is to use the Feed2JS service hosted at the Maricopa Community Colleges. This service requires no scripting on your server - just find yourself an RSS source, add a JavaScript tag into your webpage and away you go. You can find the link further down on this page.
How do I find RSS Feeds? Either look for an RSS link in the news page itself or search for RSS in Google. For the UK, BBC is a good example, there is an RSS link at the bottom of each page. The link will point to an XML file and not an HTML file so if you click it, you'll see the XML source. That is fine, it means you've found a valid source which you can plug directly into the Feed2JS webpage.
149: Magpie RSS XML ParserInformation Magpie is OpenSource (GNU) PHP program which is able to parse XML messages from RSS information feeds. It is used by various newsfeed scripts including Feed2JS.
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