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Imagine an angler casting a line into a pond, hoping that some poor unsuspecting fish grabs the bait and gets collared. Replace the angler with a conman, replace the rod and line with an email and replace the fish with... you. That's phishing and it is vital to be aware of both, it and its consequences.

Millions of these emails are sent out annually. Typically they will appear to be from your bank or building society, but also they may appear to come from online merchants such as Amazon, eBay or PayPal - anyone in fact may appear to be sending these emails to you. They may look genuine and even include a link to a website which may appear to be genuine, but it is NOT GENUINE.

The giveaway to a phishing mail is that they will require you to enter your login details, personal information, password or account number. The email is phrased such that there is a server upgrade or that they need to check your account or some other excuse to make you think you need to re-register.

In fact, companies will NEVER send out such emails. If you receive this type of email, try and delete it without opening it. Never follow the link and most importantly, never enter any information into a website linked from the email. Such cons are very clever, they imitate the real website and you may actually believe that you are in the official site. Even the URL may appear to be correct, be warned - it is almost certainly a dummy site.

Remember than anyone can register a domain name as long as the name is available. You can check the real official URL either by searching Google or looking in Logolinks - we carry official links for many banks and financial institutions. For example, Natwest Bank have an official website at www., but any Tom, Dick or Harry could register or any other similar sounding domain name.

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