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You are in: FlashFlash: Welcome to the Logolinks FLASH awards. If you have the FLASH 4 plugin, then these sites are sooo cool that we are convinced your jaw will hit the floor and your preception of websites will be changed forever. Know better, let us know !

107: Samarost (Flash Game)InformationGold-StarInspire Me! Here's a beautifully drawn game that you've really go to see. A visually stunning point-and-click free online Flash game designed by AmanitaDesign
Edit: 19th May 2005 - View Similar Links

1072: Matinee (Web Design)InformationGold-Star Matinee Sound and Vision, a UK based media communications company founded in 1982. The site is exceptional, probably better in interactive design but slightly lacking that in-your-face punch of Balthaser.
Edit: 16th Aug 2000 - View Similar Links

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