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You are in: DomainsDomains: Domain names are basically the names of websites. Anyone can buy a domain name providing it hasn't already been used. For a full and simply guide to Domains, check out the Logolinks Domain Guide

1561: One and One (Web Hosting)InformationWikipediaShining-StareCommerce 99 PENCE PER MONTH offer from one of the worlds largest web hosts, 1 and 1 provide hosting and domain services ideal for small and medium business users. They guarantee 99.9% uptime, have full database and email capability and even shell access on their Linux hosted services.
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1365: Madasafish (ISP)InformationeCommerce Madasafish is a UK based internet service provider ownded by BT. Many many years ago you may have used it as Freenetname but it no longer offers domain names. Broadband connection and webmail at good rates.
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1362: Easyspace (Web Hosting)Information Founded in 1997 as Namecity, Easyspace is a well known UK domain name registration and web hosting company
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1566: Freeola (Free ISP) InformationGold-StareCommerce Freeola is the perfect webhosting solution for personal and small businesses running on a budget. It won't be free if you have another ISP but the prices are really attractive and they have loads of options.
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1360: Nominet UK (Domain Registration)Information Nominet UK handles the registration on all UK domain names, usually through a third party. Read all about the in's and out's on their website or search for domains using their WHOIS query
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1363: Any Names Com (Domain Registration Service)Information Anynames domain hosting and registration
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