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You are in: BannersBanners: Banner exchanges are a really great way to get your site noticed. To use these free services, you'll need a banner to advsertise. The banner can be a static image, or an animated GIF. Each site has unique rules about the size of each banner, so you should visit the site first.

To join a banner exchange network, you'll need to enter the details of your site which will then be approved by the site operators. Once this is complete, you'll receive some HTML code to paste into your website. This code will be used to display a random advert (from the network) on your site. In return, your banner is displayed on another members site, and so on.

The exchange may offer a number of free banner displays for new members, but after that, the number of times your ad is shown may depend on the number of times your website has displayed another members banner. Thereby the most popular sites tend to be shown most often.

1070: UK Buttons (Banner Network)Information UK Buttons, sister site of UK Banners but uses a less intrusive 120x60 banner known as a button
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1076: UK Banners (Banner Network)Information UK Banners, the largest UK-based banner exchange program, used by over 4,000 websites, serving in excess of 3 million banners per month. You banner is shown 80% of the time one is served by your site
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