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You are in: PharmaceuticalsPharmaceuticals: Demon Pete's guide to top health resources on the web

1029: Strepsils (Throat Medication)InformationWikipedia Since 1958, Strepsils have been calming the throats of Britain so they should be good at it! This is a must visit for anyone with a sore throat.
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1091: Vicks Products (Cold Remedies)InformationWikipedia Vicks is famous for its vapour rub product but did you know that they have a large range of different items suitable for many symptoms. There's a lot of advice on this site for those feeling under the weather.
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1092: Boots (The ChemistInformationeCommerce Boots the Chemist, online shopping for Health and Beauty products and Mother and Baby
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1046: Think Natural (UK Alternative Medicine Resource)Information Think Natural, the UK's natural health website. A huge amount of information on aromatherapy, homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements and much more. Online Ordering
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1086: Garden Pharmacy (UK Largest Online Pharmacy)Information Top in category goes to the Garden Pharmacy (UK Largest Online Pharmacy)
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