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You are in: The Quiz ZoneThe Quiz Zone: There's a huge number of websites out there where you can stretch the grey matter. Whether it's IQ, Pub Quizzes, Crosswords, Sudoku or general knowledge, here's some recommended links

1642: Notpron (Online Challenge)InformationWikipediaGold-Star Notpron has been online since 2004 and is regarded as the hardest challenge there is on the Internet. 0.0001 percent of players ever finish. You need a good understanding of computers for starters. An analytical mind and the ability to search for and download programs to help you through the challenge. Bet you won't get past level 3 and there are 140!
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1715: Akinator (The Web Genius)InformationWikipediaShining-StarInspire Me! Every now and again we find a site which is simply extraordinary and this is one of them. Beautiful artificial intelligence here. Guess any real or fictional character and answer 20 questions!
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160: IQ TestInformationGold-StarInspire Me! Take your own IQ test courtesy of Anders Ditlev Jensen. 40 minutes to answer 39 culture independent questions which will tell you how close you're related to Einstein
Edit: 24th Feb 2005 - View Similar Links

105: Radica 20Q GameInformationGold-StarInspire Me! Robin Burgener invested the 20Q game in 1988, it is based on a neural network and claims to guess any object you think of by asking 20 questions. Have a go right now but be warned, it's addictive
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96: The UKs Largest Quiz OrganisationInformationGold-StarInspire Me! This site hosts a huge community for quizzers across the UK. Take part in the many online quizzes, find out about hosting your own or even apply to be considered for TV gameshows
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110: SuDoku (Puzzle Game)InformationGold-Star SuDoku is a Japanese number puzzle which is appearing in many newspapers in the UK. It's basically a 9x9 grid where you have to complete missing numbers and it's very addictive, find out more here
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