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Latest Virus Information

This information is provided direct via the Sophos anti-virus website. It gives you the top-ten viruses appearing this month and last month as well as the top ten hoaxes. Click on the virus names for more information on each of them. At the end of this page are some recommended links to virus protection resources.

109: Avast (Anti-Virus)InformationGold-Star Avast Antivirus is a superb FREE virus protection program with full support and updates. With many of the features of commercial rivals and more unusually, a very street-cred stylist and skinnable user interface - look no further
Edit: 17th May 2005 - View Similar Links

100: Microsoft Windows Defender (Anti SpywareInformationGold-Star Defender is Microsofts official spyware protection product and it claims to block new incoming spyware and remove existing spyware in one package. The interface is very XP-esque so you should feel at home with it
Edit: 20th Jun 2005 - View Similar Links

90: CoolWebSearch RemovalInformationGold-Star CoolWebSearch is a common piece of spyware which hijacks your Internet start page and causes other nasty things to happen. It can prove difficult to remove but Trend Micros CWShredder will do the job quite nicely for free
Edit: 23rd Aug 2005 - View Similar Links

113: Spyware Blaster (Spyware Protection)InformationGold-Star Spyware Blaster is an essential browser plugin which stops spyware, diallers and other beasties from being installed on your PC in the first place. A perfect companiion to Adaware, Spybot or MS Antispyware
Edit: 10th May 2005 - View Similar Links

167: Sophos Anti-VirusInformationGold-Star If your serious about enterprise strength virus protection, Sophos is a world leader in protecting businesses against viruses and spam with over 35 million users
Edit: 13th Feb 2005 - View Similar Links

169: Grisoft AVG Anti-VirusInformation AVG Free Edition is the well-known anti-virus protection tool. AVG Free is available free-of-charge to home users for the life of the product!
Edit: 13th Feb 2005 - View Similar Links

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