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You are in: Public ReferencePublic Reference: The Public Reference zone. Here you'll find an unmissable selection of the best places online to discover - just about anything that used to involve a trip to the local record office, council or library.

1598: Project GutenburgInformationWikipedia Started by a chap named Michael Hart in 1971, Project Gutenburg is a project to digitise out-of-copyright books which are available for free download. As of March 2009, Project Gutenberg claimed over 28,000 items in its collection.
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1597: Poetry Archive InformationGold-Star It's not always easy to read poetry as it was intended to be read. The Poetry Archive solves this problem by keeping audio recordings of poets reading their works. There are some well known poets on here and it's worth bookmarking if you are into poetry.
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259: Old BaileyInformationWikipediaGold-Star A fascinating record of the trials of Londons central criminal court between 1674 and 1834. Over 100,000 criminal trials are recorded. Punishments of branding, hanging, dissection and burning at the stake were the order of the day
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291: Friends ReunitedInformationWikipediaGold-Star Looking for old school friends? You must have heard of this site, it's great for keeping in touch and reading about your teachers affairs !!
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456: Street Map (The UK Street Map Site)Information Street Map, The UK Street Map Site can display maps of anywhere in the UK
Edit: 5th Dec 1998 - View Similar Links

93: Google Earth (The 3D Planet)InformationWikipediaShining-StarInspire Me! Imagine travelling anywhere in the world in seconds, 3D buildings, satellite images, terrain mapping, we can't emphasise how brilliant this is. This is Google maps in 3D. Go and get broadband and download the FREE version now
Edit: 5th Jul 2005 - View Similar Links

95: Google MapsInformationShining-Star Google Maps is an awesome display of the power of the Internet, instantly every other mapping service looks rather dated. Draggable maps and detailed satellite imagery for the US and most major world cities
Edit: 19th Apr 2005 - View Similar Links

122: 1837 Online (Genealogy)Information Delve into your past with the help of 1837online, which contains the 1861 census as well as scanned images of births deaths and marriage certificates. Essential for anyone researching their family tree
Edit: 18th Apr 2005 - View Similar Links

197: Cab NumbersInformationGold-Star Never be without a minicab again, Cab Numbers works though WAP, SMS or the web and simply tells you where your nearest minicab firms are including their phone number and opening times. Brilliant !
Edit: 15th Oct 2003 - View Similar Links

719: Up My Street (Facts About The Area You Live In)InformationGold-Star Up My Street. An essential guide to the area you live in, including House prices, School results and Ambulance response times!
Edit: 1st Jan 1999 - View Similar Links

720: Citizens Advice BureauInformation Citizens Advice Bureau, top advice from CAB online. Services include Benefits, Employment, Legal Issues. Immigration, Tax and loads more
Edit: 2nd Aug 1999 - View Similar Links

828: Missing Kids (Uk Missing Kids)Information UK Missing Children, a brilliant use of the Internet, dedicated to uniting missing children with their familites. Full search, photo database and description plus poster printing facilities
Edit: 19th Mar 2000 - View Similar Links

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