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You are in: PetsPets: The Pet Zone covers every imaginable pet, Pet Advice, Clubs, Pet Shops and Insurance

1599: TICA (Cat Association)InformationWikipedia The International Cat Association, more commonly known as TICA, is the world's largest genetic cat registry. Originally a North American organization, it now has a worldwide presence. The organization has an extensive genetic registry for purebred and household pet cats and is one of the world's largest sanctioning bodies for cat shows.
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1236: The Kennel Club (Dogs)InformationWikipedia The Kennel Club is a kennel club based in London and Aylesbury, England. Founded on 4 April 1873, the club is the oldest of the world’s all-breed kennel clubs.
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736: PDSA (For Pets in need of vets)InformationWikipedia PDSA, Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals cares for pets when they are ill or injured and their owners cannot afford private vets fees. See if you can help them out.
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1243: Crufts (The Official Crufts Web Site)Information Crufts 2010, the world's greatest dog show with over 21,000 top pedigree dogs competing. Crufts 2010 is at the NEC Birmingham, 11-14 March 2010
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576: Pet Supermarket (Online Pet Stores)InformationeCommerce Pet Supermarket is the Uk's largest online pet retailer. Pet food and supplies for dogs, cats, fish and other small animals.
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674: Pets At Home (Pet Superstore)InformationWikipediaeCommerce Pets At Home is a pet superstore in the UK with over 200 outlets and over 2000 products. As well as the expected supply items, you can purchase rabbits, rats and other small animals and they also have instore Vets.
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348: The Pet Company (Pet Shop)Information The Pet Company, since 1995, is an online pet store for all your pet needs. The site offers low priced online shopping with a vast range of products. All major credit cards accepted.
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711: Cats and Canines (Online Pet Store)Information Cats and Canines, the easy way to shop for your cat and dog supplies. There is also a popular photo competition and various links to rescue centres and holiday accomodation.
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1159: Champdogs (Dog Breeders) Information Champdogs aims to be THE European site for breeders to exchange information about dogs, breeding and showing. Free membership until January 2001, although these days you would expect free membership in any case
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1185: Pet Plan (Pet Insurance - Dogs Cats Horses Rabbits)Information Pet Plan (Pet Insurance - Dogs Cats Horses Rabbits)
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1186: Pet Healthcare (The Leading Direct Specialist Cat and Dog Insurer)Information Pet Healthcare (The Leading Direct Specialist Cat and Dog Insurer)
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1219: Giveusahome (Homeless Pets)InformationGold-Star Giveusahome is dedicated to rehoming pets throughout the UK. VET and shelter directory, lost and found section. An unmissable resource of dog and cat breeds plus photos and info on many more pets
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641: UK Pets (UK Pet Directory)Information UK Pets, Over 15,000 pet shops, stores, suppliers &
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