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You are in: SportsSports: Demon Petes Top sports resources. Choose which sport you would like to view from the list below. If a sport is not listed, tell me about it using the feedback button

spas: Aerial Sports The Aerial Zone has links to aerobatics, aerial sports, gliding, ballooning, aerial displays and any other sky related antics you might consider suggesting to me
spat: Athletics The Athletics Zone has links to british athletics and olymics resources, running, sportswear and athletes
spbo: Bowling Ten Pin Bowling, Lawn Bowls and other Skittle-Relatic Antics
spcr: Cricket The Cricket Zone, listing top cricket resources
spcy: Cycling Some interesting websites for the cyclist. Racing, Mountain, BMX
speq: Equestrian The equestrian zone covers horse sports, riding, racing, ponies, show jumping and jockies. A new betting zone is on the cards, I have a few sites in mind but please send in any good ones
spf1: Formula 1 The Formula-1 Zone, links to some top notch F1 web resources, plus coverage from the Media and Magazines. Click here for the best links and facts for the major F1 drivers
spfb: Football Welcome to the every popular logolinks football sites of choice, on the web. The top sites for many UK clubs are listed in FOOTBALL CLUBS. Click here for Realaudio Classified Results from IRN
spfc: Football Clubs Your one stop shop for links to all the major UK football club official websites on one simple page, complete with logo. Search by team name and stadium. Coming soon - streetmap references to all stadiums, Wicked
spfi: Fitness Welcome to the fitness zone, listing cool places to keep you fit and healthy. Bodybuilding, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Running, Martial Arts. Martial Arts will be receiving a dedicated zone in the near future.
spgo: Golf The Golf Zone, top golfing sites, golf equipment, courses, suppliers, golf clubs and magazines
spin: Indoor Sports This page in under construction, submissions are welcome (click on feedback). Initially I have allocated this page to sports such as Darts, Snooker, Gymnastics, Martial Arts and Tiddlywinks.
spms: Motor Sports Top motorsports links, Formula 1, Circuits, Rallying, Bikes. For OFFROAD select 4-WD, For domestic CAR resources, select CARS.
spop: Extreme Sports This page is devoted to Outdoor sports, Mountain Climbing, generally dangerous stuff and Extreme Nutter Sports
spru: Rugby Top Rugby World Cup Sites, Rugby league and Union, News and Information.
spte: Tennis The Tennis Zone, tennis organistions and federations. Wimbledon
spwi: Winter Sports Top winter sports sites. Winter Sports, Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Hockey
spws: Water Sports The Water Activities Page. Top links to Fishing, Diving and Waterskiiing. One day I'll probably split fishing for other sub-aqua sports
1735: London MarathonInformationWikipediaGold-Star The London Marathon began in 1981 and is one of the top five marathons in the world that make up the World Marathon Majors competition. The 2012 marathon is on Sunday 22nd April. There will be road closures on the day.
Edit: 21st Apr 2012 - View Similar Links

702: RunnersWorld (UK Runners Store)InformationeCommerce Runners World is a long standing UK based online store specialising in clothing and accessories for people who love running. Whether you're a seasoned runner, or you're just starting and you need new kit and a lot of advice, visit the site!
Edit: 1st Jan 1999 - View Similar Links

572: Olympic Games (London 2012)InformationWikipediaGold-Star This is the official site for the London Olympics in 2012. London will become the first city to officially host the modern Olympic Games three times. The games will run from 27 July to 12 August.
Edit: 7th Sep 1999 - View Similar Links

452: SportBreak (Corporate Entertainment)InformationGold-StarLinkback Sportbreak: Corporate entertainment, team building activity days and corporate hospitality events. European sports holidays, UK leisure breaks, health spas, health farms and spa hotels. We have been exchanging links for over ten years!
Edit: 2nd Sep 1999 - View Similar Links

13: Reebok Store UKInformation Reebok's store presents the latest range of menís sportswear and womenís fitness wear and Reebokís exciting range of street fashion footwear and clothing.
Edit: 11th Nov 2002 - View Similar Links

292: UEFAInformation This official UEFA site gives you everything you need in the European football world. UEFA Champions league and UEFA cup.
Edit: 6th Oct 2002 - View Similar Links

293: Sportlink UK (Linking Sponsors with Sports)InformationGold-Star Sportlink UK, a great site for sports men or women looking for sponsorship, providing them with their own Public Relations and Press Office. The site aims to link companies with people seeking sponsors.
Edit: 30th Mar 2000 - View Similar Links

295: Outdoor StoreInformationGold-Star If you enjoy the great outdoors, you'll need to be kitted out properly. This store specialises in clothes and equipment for outdoor activities. Next day delivery.
Edit: 5th Oct 2002 - View Similar Links

80: UmbroInformation should be in every football fans bookmarks. Check our football zone for more great links. Pre-Order the New England Reversible kit now. Free delivery and gift!!
Edit: 1st Mar 2002 - View Similar Links

451: Sky Sports Online (Top Sports News)Information Sky Sports, the number one sports channel in the UK bar none, focussing on Footy, Cricket, Rugby and the major sports. Latest news, chat, games and loads of information
Edit: 28th Aug 1999 - View Similar Links

454: Sporting Life (Top Recing Magazine) Information Sporting Life (Top Racing Magazine)
Edit: 1st Jan 1999 - View Similar Links

454: Sporting Life (Top Recing Magazine) Information Sporting Life (Top Racing Magazine)
Edit: 1st Jan 1999 - View Similar Links

489: Tote Co UK (UKs Premier Betting Organisation)Information Tote Co UK (UKs Premier Betting Organisation)
Edit: 1st Jan 1999 - View Similar Links

565: PremScore (UK Sports Betting)Information Prem Score, the new official football pool of the FA Premier League. To enter Score all you have to do is predict the scores of six football matches. If you predict 3 or more of them correctly, you win. Bet between £
Edit: 19th Nov 1999 - View Similar Links

613: IRN (Independent Radio News)Information Read the current sports headlines as broadcast by IRN on Independent Radio over the UK. Listen to the latest Classified football results
Edit: 1st Nov 1999 - View Similar Links

645: Euro 2000 (The Official Site)Information The official UEFA Euro 2000 site is the best of the emerging crop. Top facts, latest news, venues, statistics. Plus venue accomodation, win tickets, wallpaper your PC and an online shop!
Edit: 13th May 2000 - View Similar Links

658: Sports Supplements (The Directory)InformationGold-Star Sports Supplements, another superb site by Richard Johnston. It's an essential news resource and supplier directory of sports supplements (vitamins etc) for bodybuilders and athletes alike. Top marks for HTML site design and content
Edit: 27th Jun 2000 - View Similar Links

671: Sportszine UK (The Ultimate Sports Site Finder)Information Sportszine UK (The Ultimate Sports Site Finder)
Edit: 22nd Mar 1999 - View Similar Links

671: Sportszine UK (The Ultimate Sports Site Finder)Information Sportszine UK (The Ultimate Sports Site Finder)
Edit: 22nd Mar 1999 - View Similar Links

689: EuroFootball (European Football)Information Eurofootball is the ultimate meeting place for fans of European football. Latest results and stories from all the major European leagues. Buy your favorite team jerseys or other products, plus lots more.
Edit: 1st Nov 2000 - View Similar Links

707: Sports Online (UK Sports Directory)Information Sports Online, the only official sports directory and search engine for British sports. This site has a huge selection of links to resources for all types of sport
Edit: 27th Jan 2000 - View Similar Links

758: Shop Guide UK Information ShopGuide is a superb directory of top UK online stores, this site maintains about 450 secure UK sites, all reviewed and rated
Edit: 1st Jun 1999 - View Similar Links

25: British Eurosport (TV Sports Channel)Information Eurosport is the largest Eurpoean sports network covering a variety of cool sports including the Paris Dakar, surfing and extreme sports as well as the more usual tennis and soccer. Best of all it's free!
Edit: 12th May 2004 - View Similar Links

66: Bet365 (UK Betting Online)InformationGold-Star Bet365 is one of the UK's leading independent bookmakers offering a greater selection and even more 'specials' across all major international sporting events, 24 hours a day.
Edit: 12th May 2004 - View Similar Links

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