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You are in: Member ServicesMember Services: Member Services provides access to your membership account. Forgot your password or activation key? Upgrade or amend your account or simply log in and log out.

47: My AccountInformationGold-Star View and modify settings on your Logolinks account. You must be logged into your account before you can do this though!
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1550: Compare Membership OptionsInformation Here is a quick glance of the additional features you will receive if you have a Green or Gold card
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161: Zone Alarm (Firewall)Information Zone Alarm from ZoneLabs is the most popular FREE firewall around. Be sure to select ZoneAlarm from the download section to get the free version though
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49: Log OffInformation Click on this icon to log out of your Logolinks account. Normally you will remain logged in for the entire day automatically but you may chose to log off manually to secure your account.
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50: Become a memberInformation Subscribe to logolinks for FREE and receive extended Green Card access to our database, regular emails detailing our latest unmissable links, add your own links and more
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51: Activate your accountInformation If you've just signed up and have not yet activated your account, click here and enter your secret activation key. If you've lost your key, no problem - just select the NEW KEY link instead
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52: Request a new activation keyInformation Having problems finding your activation key? Donít worry, just click on this link, enter your registered userid and email address and we'll send a new one to you.
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53: Send your lost passwordInformation If, like us you have a trillion-zillion passwords and you have forgotton your Logolinks password. No worries, click here, enter your userid and we'll email it to you right away. Keep it safe!
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63: Log InInformation Click on this icon to log into your Logolinks account via the main log-in screen. Alternatively, you can use the log-in box in the left navigation panel on most screens.
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48: Change Page LayoutInformation Change the way Logolinks displays information, show or hide logos, hide the text, show logos only, fit more logos on your screen and more - have a play with it and don't forget to try out the preset layouts.
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54: LogomaniaInformation If you have 1024 resolution or higher, view Logolinks as it was originally intended to be viewed. Loads and Loads of clickable logos without descriptive blurb and other clutter.
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61: Normal DisplayInformation Donít panic, This quick link returns your display settings to the Logolinks factory preset. This is the bog-standard mode which consists of a logolink graphic, brief editorial review text and little information icons
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