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You are in: Kids TVKids TV: Welcome to the Childrens TV Zone. This zone lists some great links to classic Kids TV programmes of today and yesteryear. Kids programmes, classic Kids TV and Kids TV Channels

1322: Scooby Doo (Official Warner Site)InformationWikipediaGold-StarChildrens Site Scooby Doo is probably the most famous talking dog in the world (sorry Brian). Scooby Doo is an American animated TV cartoon series which has been running since 1969. Originally produced and in our opinion, not yet bettered, by Hanna Barbera.
Edit: 1st Jan 1999 - View Similar Links

1323: The Simpsons ArchiveInformationWikipediaGold-Star SNPP (Springfield Nuclear Power Plant) is the bible of the Simpsons cartoon series and has been online since 1994. The 'capsules' are a must read for any Simpsons fan, they provide an overview of every single episode.
Edit: 12th May 2004 - View Similar Links

1628: In the Night GardenInformationWikipediaChildrens Site In the Night Garden is a BBC produced pre school Childrens TV series created by Andrew Davenport and Anne Wood of Teletubbies fame. It's even more crazy than the teletubbies but the kids love it.
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1627: Sesame StreetInformationWikipediaGold-StarChildrens Site Sesame street is 40 years old as of 2009! It is an American educational kids TV programme featuring muppets created by Jim Henson. But you know all this, anyway it's a fabulous website for young children and well worth a look.
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325: Balamory (Kids TV ProgrammeInformationChildrens Site Balamory is a TV drama for the under sixes. Available on digital channel Cbeebies, it features the multicoloured shops and houses of real scottish seaside town, Tobermory
Edit: 16th Sep 2002 - View Similar Links

257: Boohbah (Preschool TV)InformationGold-StarChildrens Site Boohbah is the latest TV offering from Ragdoll. Visually and audibly stimulating for babies and toddlers. Utterly mental for adults!! The site has some great easy-to-play flash games
Edit: 13th May 2003 - View Similar Links

339: Blyton (Enid Blyton Site)InformationChildrens Site Blyton com is the official site of classic Kids writer Enid Blyton. As well as info on Enid herself, the site includes Noddys 'shockwave experienced' Toyland and the Lands of Far Beyond, plus the online store of course
Edit: 9th Jul 2000 - View Similar Links

345: Bob the Builder (Kids TV Programme)InformationChildrens Site Bob the Builder, Can we fix it, yes we can. If you're flashed up, this site is great. There's plenty of songs, sounds and cool gfx, games and activities. Join the Bob club for special members area
Edit: 13th May 2000 - View Similar Links

353: The Singing Kettle (Kids Music Show)InformationChildrens Site Singing Kettle, the top UK box office draw and ITV series. Songs and fun for kids of all ages. Site features member information, UK tour dates, online shop, news and fun page
Edit: 9th Jul 2000 - View Similar Links

413: The Clangers (Classic Kids TV) Information Clangers, the classic smallfilms production by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin. This site is a superb tribute to the series with masses of information and memorabilia
Edit: 2nd Jun 2000 - View Similar Links

445: The Teletubbies (BBC Kids Programme)InformationChildrens Site Teletubbies (BBC Kids Learning Series). Fun to be had here with Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po
Edit: 1st Jan 1999 - View Similar Links

463: The Tweenies (BBC Kids Programme)InformationChildrens Site Tweenies, Hey Hey are you ready to play. It's bright and colourful and its noisy. Great on Widescreen! Makes the 'tubbies look like a walk in the woods
Edit: 14th Sep 1999 - View Similar Links

495: sausageNet (Cult and Classic Kids TV)Information Sausagenet, logolinks best of category. This superb site will certainly have you remembering some classic Kids TV programmes, unmissable
Edit: 25th Oct 1999 - View Similar Links

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