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You are in: HalloweenHalloween: Here's our choice of top Halloween sites to get you in the mood this year. Trick or Treatsters are getting to be a bit of pain in the arse aren't they. We had two kids visit us on the 29th in the afternoon!! No costume though, they thought that pulling their jacket over their head was frightening enough!! Come on get it sorted kids

372: London Ghost Walks Information London Ghost Walks are probably the best 2 hour walks around East London, on subjects like Haunted London and Jack the Ripper.
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1625: Halloween UKInformationWikipediaGold-StareCommerce Well, they have the prime UK web address and the sites not too bad either. They have thousands of products for sale but it's more than shopping as there's loads of information about Halloween plus games and downloads.
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369: Encyclopedia Mythica (Myths and Legends)Information Encyclopedia Mythica covers mythology, folklore, legends, and more. Over 5700 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world.
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374: Cyberhaunt (Spooky Flash Exhibits)Information The Cyberhaunt, is a very well presented site using Flash 4 to great effect. Spooks and Ghouls a plenty. Explore the haunted mansion, Virtual pumpkin carving, Ozmo the Oracle and a very weird sideshow. MORE LINKS
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375: Haunted Homepage (Halloween Resource)Information Haunted homepage is a top Halloween site and great fun. Explore the Haunted Manor, Safety Tips for Trick or Treating, Jack-o'-lantern templates. Spooky sounds and stories and the history of Halloween, plus more
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