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UK TV Channel Guide

Welcome to the Logolinks TV channel guide. This page details the major UK TV channels, click on the channel logo to visit the stations official website. Click on the blue information icon to view more details about the logolink and to leave feedback. Click on the yellow listing icon to view the channel program guide for today, tomorrow or yesterday. Thanks to Andrew Flegg for providing the RSS feeds for the channels.

30: Discovery (TV Channel)InformationWikipedia Discovery is part of a science and learning TV network owned by Discovery Communications, who also broadcasts specialist channels to provide more focus on nature, science, aviation, travel, kids, civilisations and home/leisure
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24: Cbeebies (Childrens TV Channel)InformationWikipediaChildrens Site Launched in 2002, Cbeebies is a digital only channel for kids under 6. This is a great fun site featuring all your fave characters. Bob, Bill and Ben, Balamory, Noddy, Teletubbies, Tweenies, Postman Pat and many more
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20: BBC3 (Digital TV Channel)Information BBC3 (BBC Three) launched in 2003, replacing BBC Choice. It is a digital only channel (cable, freeview and satellite) screening new drama, comedy, films and news, plus of course 'Little Britain'
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21: BBC2 (Terrestrial TV Channel)Information BBC2 (BBC Two) was the second UK BBC television service - it was launched in 1964 on the UHF format. BBC2 screens general entertainment, sometimes more challenging programming than BBC1
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22: BBC1 (Terrestrial TV Channel)Information BBC1 (BBC One) is the BBC flagship general entertainment channel, started broadcasting from Londons Alexandra Palace in 1936 making it the oldest TV station in the world!
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23: BBC News24 (News Channel)InformationGold-Star BBC News 24 is a 24 hour UK news channel owned by the BBC. It launched in 1997 and is now available on digital cable and satellite. The BBC news service is arguably the best in the world
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161: Zone Alarm (Firewall)Information Zone Alarm from ZoneLabs is the most popular FREE firewall around. Be sure to select ZoneAlarm from the download section to get the free version though
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26: CBBC (Childrens TV Channel)Information Childrens BBC Channel aimed at the over 6's. Excellent kids TV site from the BBC featuring Games, Competitions and TV Programming
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27: Music Television (Music TV Channel)Information MTV (Music TV) formed in 1981 is a digital TV channel originally rock orientated but now forms a variety of TV channels in the UK covering many music genres
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28: VH1 (Music TV Channel)Information VH1 (Video Hits 1) is a UK digital TV channel targetting an older age group than MTV - typically over 25's. Mature, stylish and contemporary, it plays music ranging from the 70's to today
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31: Film Four (Channel 4 Films)Information Film Four, the Channel 4 owned film channel specialises in independent cinema and backs many UK film productions. The site contains news, reviews and film information
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32: Boomerang (Kids TV Channel)Information Boomerang is a UK Kids TV Channel owned by Cartoon Network. It launched in 2000 and broadcasts 24 hours mainly screening from Hanna Barbera and Warner Brothers archives
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33: Cartoon Network (Kids TV Channel)Information The Cartoon Network is a digital TV channel dedicated to cartoons. It was created by Turner Broadcasting and launched in the UK in 1993 and in the US a year earlier
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34: Nickelodeon (Kids TV Channel)Information Nickelodeon was the worlds first TV channel dedicated to childrens programming. It launched in 1979 in America. A great fun site with lots of things to play with
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35: Living TV (UK Lifestyle Channel)Information Living TV formerly known as UK Living - the UK family and lifestyle Channel available on digital TV
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36: Challenge (TV Quiz Channel)Information Challenge TV was the first 100% quiz show UK TV channel. It launched in 1993 as The Family Channel and makes use of digital interactive services to allow you to join in. Family Fortunes anyone!!
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37: ITV2 (Digital TV Channel)Information ITV2 is a general entertainment digital channel launched in the UK in 1998. Showing original material as well as american imports, ITV1 repeats and reality show extensions
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38: Disney Channel (Kids TV Channel)Information The Disney Channel features family-oriented programming, much of it aimed at young and pre-teenagers. It launched in the US in 1983, but not in the UK until 1995
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39: Bravo (TV Channel)Information Bravo is a UK general entertainment digital TV Channel owned by a company called Flextech. It shows both original programming and re-runs targeting mainly men in their thirties
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40: Nick Junior (Kids TV Channel)Information Nick Jr, is a UK specific Nickelodeon channel for preschool kids featuring entertainment and educational programming. Some great UK classics as well as new shows like Blues Clues and Dora the Explorer
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41: Channel 4 (Terrestrial TV Channel)Information Channel 4 is the UK's 4th terrestrial TV Channel. Started by an Act of Parliament in 1982, it is a public service broadcaster funded through commercial activities. Programming is alternative
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42: Channel 5 (Terrestrial TV Channel)Information Five, formerly known as Channel 5, is the fifth terrestrial UK TV channel. It launched in 1997 but is still unavailable in terrestrial format in some parts of the UK due to signal problems
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43: ITV1 (Digital TV Channel)Information ITV1 is the oldest commercial TV channel broadcasting in the UK. Launched in 1955, ITV1 offers a broad range of programming including popular sports and soap operas
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44: ITV3 (Digital TV Channel)Information ITV3 is a free digital entertainment channel in the UK. It was launched in 2004 and is aimed mainly at an audience of 30 plus, airing drama and soaps shows earlier on ITV1
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45: e4 (Digital TV Channel)Information Launched in 2001, e4 is a digital only UK TV Channel related to Channel 4. It's programs are aimed at the 18-35 age group so you can be sure of 24 hour big brother coverage!
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25: British Eurosport (TV Sports Channel)Information Eurosport is the largest Eurpoean sports network covering a variety of cool sports including the Paris Dakar, surfing and extreme sports as well as the more usual tennis and soccer. Best of all it's free!
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