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You are in: ComediansComedians: This page lists some top UK comedians and comediennes. TV comedy and great performers for private entertaining and evening events. There may be a couple of others from abroad if they are exceptionally well known.

1066: Lee Evans (Comedian)InformationWikipediaGold-StareCommerce Lee Evans is one of the top comedians in the UK at the moment. His trademark energetic performances have earned him comparisons with Norman Wisdom. No personal website that we can find !!!
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1069: Harry Hill (Comedian)Information Comics Com (Home of Andy Capp, Dilbert, Snoopy and More)
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139: Comic Relief (Red Nose Day)InformationWikipediaeCommerce Comic Relief is a British charity organisation which was founded in the United Kingdom in 1985. Currently, its two main supporters are the public service broadcaster - the BBC, and the supermarket - Sainsbury's. The BBC is responsible for the live television extravaganza on Red Nose Day, and Sainsbury's sells merchandise on behalf of the charity.
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334: Ali GInformationGold-StarAdult Content The official site for Ali G fans is packed with exactly the sort of thing you are looking for. All written in the Ali style with plenty of photos, Alis CV, News and Da Gospel, Alis own version of the ten commandments
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464: Comedy Online (Stand Up Comedy)Information Only Fools and Horses, Rodney, Del Boy et al. The official appreciation society of the superb cult BBC comedy series. Probably the best site on the net.
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1024: Vic Reeves and Bob MortimerInformation The complete guide to Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer is an unoffical website by "Charlie" and to be honest it's hard to see how anyone can cram any more information into it - definitely your first point of call
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1051: Rodney Dangerfield (Official Site)Information Comics Com (Home of Andy Capp, Dilbert, Snoopy and More)
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1085: Eddie IzzardInformation Comics Com (Home of Andy Capp, Dilbert, Snoopy and More)
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1089: Billy ConnollyInformation The official Billy Connolly website, unfortunately it is written in 100% flash so you'd better be patient or have broadband installed - yawn.
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1105: Chubby BrownInformation Middlesboroughs Roy 'Chubby' Brown is britains funniest, rudest and crudest Fat Bastard. Without doubt one of the most successful British comics of recent times and Dave Edwards site is the original and best
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