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You are in: KidsKids: Here's some superb websites which will help you educate and amuse your children. Many are flash enabled. Toddlers love sites built with Flash, providing they're good of course.

1755: ShotDead Tn the HeadInformationGold-StarInspire Me!eCommerce If you wear T-Shirts, then this is one excellent place to buy them. There's thousands of designs, many submitted by individual designers through the site. You can be sure of a classic Tee on here.
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1322: Scooby Doo (Official Warner Site)InformationWikipediaGold-StarChildrens Site Scooby Doo is probably the most famous talking dog in the world (sorry Brian). Scooby Doo is an American animated TV cartoon series which has been running since 1969. Originally produced and in our opinion, not yet bettered, by Hanna Barbera.
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1628: In the Night GardenInformationWikipediaChildrens Site In the Night Garden is a BBC produced pre school Childrens TV series created by Andrew Davenport and Anne Wood of Teletubbies fame. It's even more crazy than the teletubbies but the kids love it.
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1589: Asteroids (Classic Arcade)InformationWikipediaGold-Star Asteroids is one of the classic video games of the seventies. It was released by Atari in 1979 and has been copied and cloned and modified a million times since. Paul Neave has produced a faithful reproduction.
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1586: Net Nanny (Parental Control)InformationWikipediaGold-StareCommerce Originally released in 1994, Netnanny is probably the most highly regarded parental control software available. As of Sep 2009 it's about 20 but it is worth every penny to ensure your children are safe from porn, race-hate and even instant messaging. It's all controlled using a simple interface.
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325: Balamory (Kids TV ProgrammeInformationChildrens Site Balamory is a TV drama for the under sixes. Available on digital channel Cbeebies, it features the multicoloured shops and houses of real scottish seaside town, Tobermory
Edit: 16th Sep 2002 - View Similar Links

194: Hunkins ExperimentsInformation This site is brilliant for teaching the kids about science. There's loads of simple yet fascinating experiments to try out. You might even learn something yourself!!
Edit: 2nd Oct 2002 - View Similar Links

227: Frosty Welcome (Fridge Magnet Game)Information Frosty Welcome is great - a magnetic-letter on fridge emulator! Make up some daft phrase and email it to a mate. Quite a good game for teaching toddlers the alphabet.
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270: Redhouse (Childrens Books)Information Red House opened a childrens bookstore in Thame, Oxfordshire in 1970. Now online, it recommends top books for kids of all ages. And unlike other clubs, nothing is sent to you without asking
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344: E-Toys (Online Toy Shop)Information E-Toys, claims to be the Nets largest toy store, over 5000 selected lines. Full search or browse by age, brands or characters. Check out the gift centre for top gift suggestions
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345: Bob the Builder (Kids TV Programme)InformationChildrens Site Bob the Builder, Can we fix it, yes we can. If you're flashed up, this site is great. There's plenty of songs, sounds and cool gfx, games and activities. Join the Bob club for special members area
Edit: 13th May 2000 - View Similar Links

346: Postman Pat (Kids TV Series)InformationChildrens Site Theres a numerous Postman Pat sites but this is the official site and it is a belter. Fully Flash enhanced, superb presentation and great graphics and sound to keep the kids amused. There's plenty to do here, take a look!
Edit: 26th Mar 2001 - View Similar Links

347: Babloo (Kids Activity Site)Information Babloo is a Kids portal, an entertaining and educational multi lingual web site for children with interactive activities, fairy tales for children, kids stories, online games, puzzles and quiz for kids. Flash Enhanced
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