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You are in: JokesJokes: This zone has some great links to comedy and jokes sites on the Internet

1733: UncyclopediaInformationWikipediaGold-Star Uncyclopedia (the content-free encyclopedia) is a satirical website that parodies Wikipedia. Founded in 2005 as originally an English-language wiki, the project currently spans over 75 languages.
Edit: 12th Apr 2012 - View Similar Links

1620: Sickipedia (Sick Jokes)InformationeCommerceAdult Content Sickipedia collects the worlds most sick jokes. You can add your own and in return enjoy the offerings of others. Beware though, these are really sick jokes - you won't find the Christmas cracker style. WARNING: May contain bad language and other material which may offend.
Edit: 13th Oct 2009 - View Similar Links

1245: Funny (Online UK Comedy Resource)Information Funny contains a collection of humerous jokes, videos, pictures and news stories from around the world.
Edit: 1st Jan 1999 - View Similar Links

405: Comedy Central (Comedy TV Channel)InformationWikipedia Comedy Central is an American cable television and satellite television channel that carries predominantly comedy programming, both original and syndicated. It is available in New Zealand and parts of Europe including the UK.
Edit: 12th Apr 1999 - View Similar Links

642: Silly Jokes (Buy Silly Jokes Online)Information Silly Jokes, Novelties, practical jokes and gag gifts including remote controlled fart machine, Billy Bob Teeth and Weenie Beenies the ideal hen night gift. You've gotta see the Billy Bob teeth, what a hoot!
Edit: 15th Feb 2000 - View Similar Links

1328: Comedy Web (UK Comedy Recource)Information ComedyWeb, the definitive online guide to comedy on the Internet, and the home of the UK Comedy mailing list. More links
Edit: 20th Oct 1999 - View Similar Links

1329: April Fools Com (April Fool Gags All Year Round)Information April Fools Com (April Fool Gags All Year Round)
Edit: 12th Apr 1999 - View Similar Links

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