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You are in: The Fuel ZoneThe Fuel Zone: The Fuel Zone bookmarks some interesting UK fuel resourses. So if you want to find out about the big guys or are just looking for the best deal,keep track of this page.

1619: Texaco (Oil Company)InformationWikipedia Texaco is an American fuel company founded in 1901 in Beaumont, Texas, by Joseph S. Cullinan. Its logo features a white star in a red circle is a reference to the lone star of Texas. Texaco has been selling in the UK for over 80 years.
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1617: Shell (Oil Company)InformationWikipedia Shell produces 20% of Britain's crude oil, 17% of its gas and 15% of its petrochemicals. It's businesses within the UK are part of the Royal Dutch Shell Group of companies, one of the largest industrial groups in the world.
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1618: Esso (Oil Company)InformationWikipedia Esso began as the Anglo American Oil Company in 1888. Its head office was based at Bishopsgate, London and had a depot at Purfleet, Essex. The depot housed paraffin being shipped from New York to England for use in lamps. Esso Blue was the brand name of Esso's paraffin oil in the UK.
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1616: BP (Energy Company)InformationWikipedia BP is the UK's largest company, the third largest global energy company and the 5th largest company in the world. Its key strengths are in oil and gas exploration and production, refining, marketing and supply of petroleum products and the manufacturing and marketing of chemicals. There are around 1300 BP service stations in the UK.
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