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ad: Adult Over eighteens only, the adult zone features the best UK online shopping sites for sexy undies, lingerie, fantasy and party wear, leather, rubber, books, videos, sey toys etc.
adda: Dating Services This zone details some of the top UK sites dedicated to dating services and matchmaking. Find your perfect partner today
adsh: Adult Shopping Links to the best Adult shopping sites in the UK.
ar: Art and Design Welcome to the creative zone. Here you'll find top links to Art, Design, Galleries, Photography and other creative sites. Apologies while this zone is built. Sites please, ladies and gentlemen. Photography zone imminent, watch this space.
arcc: Colour Co-Oordinator Finding it difficult to match up your colour scheme? Fear not, pick one colour and this javascript will find another five co-ordinating colours. Now you can pretend to be a top designer.
arcr: The Creative Zone This zone contains artistic and creative works and things of general beauty! Also links to resources which provide services and creative materials.
ardd: Digital Development The Digital Development Zone has links to the UK top quality and value for money online services for printing (developing) your digital photographs. Many have next day delivery !!
arph: Photography The Photography zone is a must for digital photographers. Listing the major manufacturers, unmissable online resources, the best image manipulation software links and online digital printing companies.
arvi: Video Editing If you've got a DV camera and a reasonably new computer, then why not have a go at producing and editing your own video or DVD, theres some great software around to get you started.
co: Computing Top links to computer resources, mainframe, operating systems, tips, shareware, programming advice and downloads, plus a huge Internet zone packed with net advice for beginners and experts.
coaa: Amiga and Atari Not so long ago, the PC we know and love was absolute rubbish and there were better and more capable machines out there. Apple Mac, Amiga and Atari spring to mind. Truly creative machines
cobs: Business Software If you own a business then you'll probably need a computer system to ease some of those boring jobs. This zone lists some of the great software packages that I have reviewed over the years. Helpdesk, Accounts, Fleet, Office, Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Tools, Graphics, Editors and loads more
coco: Consoles Welcome to the console zone, currently listing the top three official console sites. More video games consoles are planned. If you know of a good one, add it using the ADD-URL button
coeg: Easter Eggs What is an Easter egg? Well, apart from the obvious choccie egg as Easter time, it is also the name given to a special hidden feature, typically inbuilt into software, by the authors.
coem: Emulators The Emulation Zone is a must see for old and young. Re-live classic gaming action on your nice new PC. Yes using these links you can be playing classics written for the VIC-20, Atari 2600, C64 and old school Arcade. Luverly Jubbly.
cofr: Free Software Believe it or not, there is a great deal of software available absolutely free. The idea of Open Source has been arund for ages and has a thriving community. The big M also has some great free stuff.
coha: Hardware Computer hardware is the physical stuff you can kick rather than the programs which you can't kick. Anyway here we have the big names in printers, modems, PCs, monitors and so on
colv: Latest Viruses This zone gives you access to the top ten virus threats of the moment, the latest 10 hoaxes and the top ten of last month, courtesy of Sophos Anti-Virus
coma: Mainframe Top Links to IBM mainframe operating systems, software and user groups.
como: Modem Top resources and manufacturers for Modems, Network Cards, Terminal Adapters and all communications things.
copc: PC This page lists the big geezers in PC hardware. No bull, these are top brands that you should be snapping up your kit from.
copr: Programming Here's a bunch of cool programming reference sites for the tech savvy. Perl, Java, Javascript, HTML, Web Design, CGI, Visual Basic, Windows. Want more? why not ADD a URL
cose: Computer Security With the growth of permanent connections via broadband, its increasingly important to protect your PC from viruses and install a decent firewall. This page should be your first port of call.
coso: Software Top links to computer software resources, operating systems, tips, Public Domain, Shareware, Downloads, Mainframe, Internet, games games games and other stuff
coss: Screensavers I have been waiting for many years for someone to produce a demo on the PC which rivalled the ones available on the humble Amigas of the late 80's. Geiss is that demo.
cosw: Shareware Links to the ultimate shareware and freeware libraries crammed full of cool programs for you to download. Public Domain, Windows Utilities, Tools, Games, Trial Software and lots more
ed: Education Learn from the Web, here's some cool educational and inspirational sites for you perusal. This page also currently houses some reference and encyclopaedia sites as well as career resources
eden: Encyclopedia and Dictionary Encyclopedia and Dictionaries plus some other useful references which should help you along with your homework
edsc: Schools and Colleges The logolinks schools resource page includes Education news, Exam results, league tables and school inspections.
en: Entertainment The Entertainment Zone covers Movies and Cinema, Theatre, Comedy and Jokes, TV, Leisure, Gambling, The Arts, Stars and the Famous, Babes and Hunks, Supermodels
enba: Babes Welcome to the all new Babe Zone. I am not looking to make this site sexist in any way so if any girlies want to send me a some sites, I will add a hunk zone.
enci: Cinema Look no further to find what's on at your local cinema, the cinema zone hosts some great picture house links
enfi: Films Links to some great film review sites around the globe. I am in the process of adding a dedicated section for current and all-time classic films. Why not submit your own classic
enst: Film Stars Top links to official Film Stars sites and directories. This page is still under construction. Submissions welcome
enth: Theatre and Opera The logolinks Theatre zone covers UK and London Theatre and shows, Guides, Tickets and Opera
envi: Video and DVD Video and DVD presents some of the better sites in the UK to go for all your Video and DVD requirements
fd: Food and Drink Welcome to the logolinks food and drink resource page dedicated to all things you might cram in your cakehole.
fdbe: Beer and Pubs Top Links for Brewerys, Pubs, Beers, Lagers, Ales and sites of other Beer Related Interest. I will be adding a section on brand-names such as Bud, Labatts soon, keep watching! Off Licences are listed under WINES
fdfa: Fast Food Links to major fast food chains and roadside cafes and restaurants. Some companies are offering online ordering. For higher quality establishments visit our Restaurants Zone.
fdff: Off Licences Now you can buy your beer and wine online and have it delivered to your door. Heres a few of the major online and high street off licences and wine merchants
fdre: Recipes Here's some top sites focussing on Recipes, Facts, Features and Cooking Tips. Chinese and Indian Recipes. Get eating
fdrs: Restaurants Welcome the the restaurant zone, listing directories, major chains and top class restaurants alike. No fast food, cafes or take aways here though, for that you'll need to visit the Fast Food Zone.
fdst: Supermarkets Food Stores and Supermarket links. An increasing number of stores are offering online ordering and delivery. Visit sites for current availability.
fdwi: Fine Wines Great Links to Wine Dealers, Cellerage Services, Merchants and Vineyards.
fi: Financial Welcome to the Logolinks Finance Zone. This zone contains links covering most financial and money matters. Banks, Building Societies, Loans, Stocks, Tax, Jobs, Homes, Insurance and Savings
fiba: Banking What's a bank and what's a building society. I don't know they change so much. Anyway if its not here, try building societies
fibs: Building Societies and Mortgages The major money lenders and morgage specialists. Some of these may now be banks and may also be listed under BANKS. Most Banks offer similar services anyway.
figa: Gambling Fancy betting a few bob on the horses or gambling away the old jam jar at your local casino. Here's some sites to get you started
fiho: Housing and Property Whether you're buying, selling, renting or tenting, here's some top housing and property sites. Online property trading sites are cheap but currently fail to offer a wide choice, my advice is walk into town.
fiin: Insurance This page lists some Top Insurance Companies Sites. Cover varies - visit each site to find the cover you need. Sites typically provide Home, Car and Life Insuance, Pensions, PEPS, Savings and Investments. I may attempt to categorise these one day.
fiit: IT Jobs There are many opportunities these day for careers in computing so here's a page of top computer recruitment agencies for both permanaent and contract staff.
fijo: Job The Jobs Zone is where you can find the top Job agencies on the Internet, and no they are not all IT related, there is something for everyone.
filo: Loans The Loans zone houses links to Loan Companies, Credit Agencies and Credit Card issuers. Need money? check out one of these sites
fist: Stocks and Shares Links to top UK Stockbrokers and Share information sources.
fisx: Stock Exchanges The stock exchange zone lists the official sites for the worlds major stock exchanges
fitx: Tax and Benefits Fed up with paying too much tax - aren't we all. Here's some top links covering Social Services, Benefits, Tax and savings
ga: Games The Games Zone, links to top gamimg resources, Quake, Online Gaming, Games companies, Strategy, RPG, Arcade, Emulators, MAME. Board Games, Video games, downloads, archives, classic games, magazines and news.
gacg: Video Games The Video Games Zone contains links to some great gaming resources for your home computer.
gaco: Competitions The competitions zone - getting you winning on the web. Here we list some of the best UK websites dedicated to online competitions.
gaqz: The Quiz Zone There's a huge number of websites out there where you can stretch the grey matter. Whether it's IQ, Pub Quizzes, Crosswords, Sudoku or general knowledge, here's some recommended links
garc: Arcade The Arcade Games Zone. Latest news and reviews on the Arcade front plus classic gaming sites, emulation, hardware sales, MAME is here.
garg: Retro-Gamer Retro-Gamer is a zone dedicated to video gaming of yester-year. We show you where to get hold of the old skool classics.
gast: Strategy Games Welcome to the strategy and role playing (RPG) games zone. Linking you to the top games resources on the web.
go: Homepage Your homepage contains your favourite links. If you are registered with us, you can easily add web links and zones to this page.
he: Health and Fitness Demon Pete's guide to top health, beauty and fitness resources on the web. Know a nice site, let me and the rest of the UK know about it here
head: Medical Advice Need some medical advice, go and see the doc or alternatively check out these top sites
hedi: Disease and Disorder Your one-stop quick reference quide to common diseases, ailments, viruses and disorders. These sites are selected for their content and may be USA based. To add a resource, use the feedback form.
hefa: Pharmaceuticals Demon Pete's guide to top health resources on the web
heha: Hair Barbers, top Hair Salons and Hair Care products and advice. If you own a Salon or are mobile, add your site now. If you don't have a website, then why not use Digital Ornaments - click on the link at the bottom of the page.
heph: Private Health Demon Pete's guide to top health resources on the web
hepr: Healthcare The logolinks healthcare product zone lists websites of producers of fitness and healthcare products such as vitamins and cold remedies
hr: History Visit the past with these historical resources (Religion, Scientific, Culture and Geography)
hrdi: Dinosaur Welcome to the logolinks Dinosaur, Monster, Bigfoot and fossil zone. Listing top dinosaur resources and e-zines
hrmu: Museum The logolinks museum zone lists websites for the top UK museums, historical lankmarks and places of interest
hu: Humour Warning: Some links in the Humour Zone may contain bad language or material which some people may find offensive.
huca: Comics and Cartoon Top Comics and Comic Strip Character links. Be warned, some links may contain material which is unsuitable for persons under the age of 18
huco: Comedians This page lists some top UK comedians and comediennes. TV comedy and great performers for private entertaining and evening events. There may be a couple of others from abroad if they are exceptionally well known.
huho: What a Hoot The What a Hoot zone lists some very humerous, but not specifically funny sites if you get my drift. No? then why not have a look. Language Warning!!
hujo: Jokes This zone has some great links to comedy and jokes sites on the Internet
hupa: Party Essentials The Logolinks Party Zone is where you'll find some great sugestions to help your party go with a bang. Fancy Dress, Gifts, Decorations and Wacky ideas.
in: Internet Internet ISPs and portals pop up every day. Confused, you should be. Here's some cracking sites to get you started. Select the area you are interested in - or just peruse them all.
inba: Banners Banner exchanges are a really great way to get your site noticed. To use these free services, you'll need a banner to advsertise. The banner can be a static image, or an animated GIF. Each site has unique rules about the size of each banner, so you should visit the site first.

To join a banner exchange network, you'll need to enter the details of your site which will then be approved by the site operators. Once this is complete, you'll receive some HTML code to paste into your website. This code will be used to display a random advert (from the network) on your site. In return, your banner is displayed on another members site, and so on.

The exchange may offer a number of free banner displays for new members, but after that, the number of times your ad is shown may depend on the number of times your website has displayed another members banner. Thereby the most popular sites tend to be shown most often.
inbr: The Browser Zone Welcome the web browser zone. There are a lot of choices out there but only a few really worthy of interest for the general public. You can, of course, load all of them on the same computer if you want to, and swap and change with the mood!
indo: Domains Domain names are basically the names of websites. Anyone can buy a domain name providing it hasn't already been used. For a full and simply guide to Domains, check out the Logolinks Domain Guide
inds: Directories and Search Engines Of course, logolinks is your net directory, isn't it? Where else will you get a directory of UK directory services with such jovial banter? If you need a greater selection of sites, check out these top directory sites from the big boys
infa: Flash Welcome to the Logolinks FLASH awards. If you have the FLASH 4 plugin, then these sites are sooo cool that we are convinced your jaw will hit the floor and your preception of websites will be changed forever. Know better, let us know !
inis: ISP Links to some top ISPs picked from the sea of plenty. Apologies, this page is a bit old and is scheduled for a major update shortly.
inmo: Net Cash Yes folks, it is true, you can make lots money from the Internet, but did you know you can make money from doing nothing but surfing. In just 10 minutes you could be earning, here's how
inph: Security (Phishing) Phishing is the name given to the growing number of hi-tech con merchants using spoof emails to tempt passwords from their victims. We explain more about this feature here.
inrs: Whats RSS Then? RSS (Really Simply Syndication) is a dynamically generated summary of information published from one web site for inclusion in others. Read on for our feature on it...
inso: Social Networking The Internet is a great way to keep in touch and as well as email, there are a load of web based communication tools which can interact with your phone as well as your Mac or PC.
inwd: Web Design There are be millions of one-man bands out there designing websites, some are better than others, some are very reasonable, others more expensive. Watch out for the corporates, they can produce bland conversion jobs and charge a small fortune.
inwo: Womens Web Womens interests are now catered for by the new generation of specific portals for women. These sites carry information on health, finance, beauty, pregnancy and babies
li: Living Top links to family and lifestyle resources on the web. Hobbies, Weddings, Parenting, Pregnancy, Home and Garden, DIY zones.
lidi: DIY The House Zone, Design and home improvements, DIY, handy hints and tips for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Home DIY stores, builders merchants, advices centres and of course, emergency services !
lifa: Fashion The Fashion Zone. Top online fashion and clothing stores, E-commerce and high street names, famous brand names and bargain factory outlets
lifc: Cool T-Shirts and Stuff The Internet is the home of the coolest T-shirts in the world and we're not just talking about the 'geek' techy shirts. There's a lot of alternative designs out there ranging from Politics to My Little Pony
liga: Gardening Get into the garden this summer, here's a bunch of excellent sites to get your sorted. Seeds, plants, shrubs, lawns, trees, weeds, gardening advice, plus much more
liho: Homestyle Whether your looking to extend your home, redecorate or get some cool new furniture, the Homestlye zone has some useful web resources.
liki: Kids Here's some superb websites which will help you educate and amuse your children. Many are flash enabled. Toddlers love sites built with Flash, providing they're good of course.
lime: Men Top links to e-zines with male orientated content. Girlies - check out the GIRLS section
lipa: Parents and Pregnancy Top links for parents and preggers mums. For a month by month account of your new kiddywink, try Baby Center, Demon Petes current top-of-category site.
lipe: Pets The Pet Zone covers every imaginable pet, Pet Advice, Clubs, Pet Shops and Insurance
liwe: Wedding If you are planning to get married, these sites offer a wealth of information about all aspects of arranging a wedding.
liwo: Women Top links to e-zines with female orientated content. Geezers - check out the GUYS section
mu: Music Nothing fills your Soul like a good House track, if House is your thing that is. Whatever your musical taste, you're sure to find something of interest here. If not let me know!
muar: Bands and Artists The best links to top bands. Nobody can compete with UBL so why bother. I may be adding some exceptional UK acts in the near future, meanwhile please feel free to submit your fave bands.
muba: Bands and Artist The best links to top bands. Nobody can compete with UBL so why bother. I may be adding some exceptional UK acts in the near future, meanwhile please feel free to submit your fave bands.
mucl: UK Clubscene Fancy letting the old hair down. Here's some of the UK's top clubs. and clubguides. Let me know if yours is not listed.
mudj: DJs and Dance The top DJ site page is still under construction, please be patient and visit again soon. Submissions welcome
mudo: Music Download Sites Welcome to the digital music revolution - the growing i-pod generation. You can legally puchase and download music via the Internet and here's some top links and resources to get you well on your way.
muin: Musical Instruments Your guide to the best online suppliers of classical and electronic musical instruments of all kinds.
mumc: Logolinks Midi Chart UK:Logolinks MIDI Chart lists the 10 midi tunes of choice. However everybodies taste is different and this is ours, so there. Have a listen and see what you think. No good? then suggest another
mump: MP3 Welcome to Logolinks MP3 Zone, the hottest UK download sites for MP3 fans. MP3 resources, files and players. MP3 sites are plentiful on the web, however most are full of advertising garbage. These sites are guaranteed free of those awful pop-up windows :-)
mupb: Music Publications Welcome to Music Publications. Here you'll find links to major music publications such as magazines, ezines and specialist newspapers. Let us know if you want to include your favourite mag.
mure: Musical Reference The Musical Reference Zone contains useful resources to musical encyclopedias, general resources, musical services and reference sites on the Internet
muro: Rock and Pop The Rock and Pop Zone. Heavy Metal, Magazines, Bands and Rock Music resources
muso: Music Software Welcome to the music software zone, presently dedicated to Trackers and Winamp. Trackers are really good fun and require little of no musical knowledge to knock out a reasonable racket. If you're new to trackers, visit the logolinks Tracker Guide
muwm: Whats Midi Logolinks presents a brief explanation of MIDI - the musical interface standard and shows you where to get some cool tunes and ringtones, plus our own (rarely updated) favoutire MIDI files.
muwt: Music: Whats a Tracker Logolinks guide to Tracker Programs. An easy to understand non-technical explanation of a tracker.
na: Nature Top nature orientated links, Wildlife, Animals, Plantlife, Biology and other wonders of the world
nazo: Zoos and Safari The Zoo Zone lists websites for UK Zoos and Safari Parks
ne: News Top links to news resources on the web, weather, latest headline feeds, top UK news channels, Virtual News agents.
necl: Classified Buying or selling? Heres some top notch websites to get you started
neev: Events Welcome to the Events zone, keeping you updated on recent and upcoming major local and sometimes world events.
nefe: News Providers Looking for the top Internet newsfeed providers. You'll find them here.
nema: Magazines The Magazine Zone links to online versions of some of the top magazines you would normally find in the newsagents.
nepa: Newspapers Welcome to Demon Petes virtual newsagents, Read all abaaaht it and all that. Tabloids and top financial papers, rest assured it won't cost you a penny
ners: News Headlines The top UK news stories as they happen live on Logolinks couresty of the BBC and Really Simply Syndication, add them to your site too.
newe: Weather Welcome to the logolinks weather zone. Top weather links and world weather forecasts plus the current UK weather, is it raining or foggy today?
ps: Public Services Logolinks to common public services and public information sites. Social, personal and environmental services, Public Issues, charities, government and royalty.
psch: Charity and Support A selection of worthwhile charities, support groups and charity information on the web
psem: Emergency Services Welcome to the household emergency zone, providing essential resources for major household incidents. Bookmark this Zone now by pressing CTRL-D. It will be here when you need it most. If you know of a useful emergency site, please let me know.
psgo: Government and Politics The budding politician page consists of links to official government sites, taxes, parliament and politics. Unfortunately there is currently no top secret stuff here !!
psmo: Monarchy and Palaces UK Royal Resources. Historical Royal Palaces lists information on Kensington Palace, Kew Palace, The Tower of London, Hampton Court and the Royal Banqueting House
pspo: Postal Services Need something delivered in a hurry, check out the services offered by these chaps. Postal companies, The Post Office, Couriers and more
psre: Public Reference The Public Reference zone. Here you'll find an unmissable selection of the best places online to discover - just about anything that used to involve a trip to the local record office, council or library.
pstr: Public Transport The Public Transport Zone. Timetables, tubes, trains, tickets and official sites for the major UK public transport operators
psut: Public Utilities This page consists of links to public service utilites such as gas, water and the leccy. For telephone services, check out TELECOMS.
sh: Shopping Welcome to Demon Petes virtual UK shopping city. Online shopping has gone ballistic on the web in the UK recently. Many stores and directories are opening each week. Here's the best of the current crop.
shau: Auctions Online Auctions Zone, Online auctions are very popular and many new ones are appearing. Let me know your favourites and worst and we'll publish them here
shbo: Books Here's some top online bookstores. Some may sell other products, but rather than me having to check all the time, why not visit them yourselves and see what they currently offer
shce: Shopping Centres The Shopping Centre Zone lists some of the best UK orientated online shopping sites and shopping directories. It also contains real shopping centres in case you wander outside
shel: Electrical The Electric Shop Zone lists both High Street and Internet electrical retailers. Brown goods, white goods, hifi, computers, rental, computers, cameras, appliances
shfr: Freebies Why pay for goods when you can get so much stuff for free. Okay you might not be able to provide for a family of four, but you can get plenty of interesting goodies for free on the Internet. These sites cater for UK audiences.
shga: Gadgets If you need something different, latest gadgets or state-of-the-art technology or just some flash Harry who whats the latest expensive toy. This is the shopping zone for you
shge: Department Stores Top links to department stores, online catalog stores and other stores of general interest. Also currently includes stores which do not fit into the other categories
shgi: Gifts Looking for a wedding present or a birthday gift for a loved one, flowers, jokes, novelties, gadgets or just some general tat for the house
shki: Toy Shops The Toy Shop Zone. Online Toys stores are very popular and here are some of the coolest and best known ones
shmu: Music and Record Shops The Music Shop Zone is your guide to online shopping for Tickets, Vinyl, CD, DVD and all other kinds on musical purchases
si: Site Services Welcome to Logolinks Site Services. Use this page to access Logolinks operation and information services and manage all aspects of your membership account. If you already have an account, you will need to log-in before you can access your membership details on this page.
siab: About Logolinks Did you know that Logolinks as been online since 1998? Well we sure have - this and other wonderful facts about us are detailed in this zone. It also includes our contacts and the FAQ
sids: Display Settings The display settings zone contains options which allow to you change the appearance of Logolinks on your PC. Have a play with it and see what you like best - the settings are saved in a cookie on your PC.
sigr: Group Links Group Links are special pre-set searches on our links database. Check out our latest links, random links, members links, all time greatest links, zone listings, alpha listings and zone popularity
sihe: Logolinks Help This is the Logolinks help information centre - a growing resource. Most of what you need to know to operate the Logolinks website will be posted in this zone.
sims: Member Services Member Services provides access to your membership account. Forgot your password or activation key? Upgrade or amend your account or simply log in and log out.
sisu: Logolinks Service Updates Keep up-to-date with the latest gizmos, fixes and features to be added to the logolinks website.
sp: Sports Demon Petes Top sports resources. Choose which sport you would like to view from the list below. If a sport is not listed, tell me about it using the feedback button
spas: Aerial Sports The Aerial Zone has links to aerobatics, aerial sports, gliding, ballooning, aerial displays and any other sky related antics you might consider suggesting to me
spat: Athletics The Athletics Zone has links to british athletics and olymics resources, running, sportswear and athletes
spbo: Bowling Ten Pin Bowling, Lawn Bowls and other Skittle-Relatic Antics
spcr: Cricket The Cricket Zone, listing top cricket resources
spcy: Cycling Some interesting websites for the cyclist. Racing, Mountain, BMX
speq: Equestrian The equestrian zone covers horse sports, riding, racing, ponies, show jumping and jockies. A new betting zone is on the cards, I have a few sites in mind but please send in any good ones
spf1: Formula 1 The Formula-1 Zone, links to some top notch F1 web resources, plus coverage from the Media and Magazines. Click here for the best links and facts for the major F1 drivers
spfb: Football Welcome to the every popular logolinks football sites of choice, on the web. The top sites for many UK clubs are listed in FOOTBALL CLUBS. Click here for Realaudio Classified Results from IRN
spfc: Football Clubs Your one stop shop for links to all the major UK football club official websites on one simple page, complete with logo. Search by team name and stadium. Coming soon - streetmap references to all stadiums, Wicked
spfi: Fitness Welcome to the fitness zone, listing cool places to keep you fit and healthy. Bodybuilding, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Running, Martial Arts. Martial Arts will be receiving a dedicated zone in the near future.
spgo: Golf The Golf Zone, top golfing sites, golf equipment, courses, suppliers, golf clubs and magazines
spin: Indoor Sports This page in under construction, submissions are welcome (click on feedback). Initially I have allocated this page to sports such as Darts, Snooker, Gymnastics, Martial Arts and Tiddlywinks.
spms: Motor Sports Top motorsports links, Formula 1, Circuits, Rallying, Bikes. For OFFROAD select 4-WD, For domestic CAR resources, select CARS.
spop: Extreme Sports This page is devoted to Outdoor sports, Mountain Climbing, generally dangerous stuff and Extreme Nutter Sports
spru: Rugby Top Rugby World Cup Sites, Rugby league and Union, News and Information.
spte: Tennis The Tennis Zone, tennis organistions and federations. Wimbledon
spwi: Winter Sports Top winter sports sites. Winter Sports, Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Hockey
spws: Water Sports The Water Activities Page. Top links to Fishing, Diving and Waterskiiing. One day I'll probably split fishing for other sub-aqua sports
st: Sci-Tech Welcome to the UKs top technology zone. This zone covers all aspects of science and technology including Telecoms, Internet, Space, Audio, Video, Computing and Latest Innovations. Check out the new WAP zone, listing the best WAP resources.
stav: Audio-Video Top Audio-Visual, Hifi Dealers and Manufacturers
stcm: Chemistry The Chemistry Zone, The science of chemistry, the elements and periodic table
stla: Latest Technology Links to top state-of-the-art technology news and information sites
stri: Ring Tones and Logos The Logolinks Ringtone Zone is your one-stop resource for the latest UK websites to download mobile ringtones and logos
stsp: Space Space Exploration, Planets, Suns, The Moon and the Stars and the Cosmos
stte: Telecoms I think we are likely to see a flood of new companies offering free personal numbers soon, Yac and are doing just that. It's a service offered free to the subscriber, but the calls to the number are higher, presumably to pay for the service
stwp: WAP WAP, Wireless Application Protocol is a system which allows WAP enabled mobile phones to surf the net. The sites you can visit have to be specially written to support WAP but these are growing fast so theres plenty to see. Basically WAP looks pretty naff compared to a PC browser, but it's a step in the right direction and seems to be very popular.
th: Travel and Holidays Top Travel Links, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Online Booking, Theme Parks, UK Destinations. If you are looking for train timetables, check out the PUBLIC TRANSPORT zone
thda: Days Out Top links to UK theme parks, Zoos, and day attractions. See LEISURE GB for more Theme Parks including Pleasurewood Hills. New site coming soon for the top world attractions
thgu: Travel Guides Thinking of travelling withing the UK or abroad. Cast your peepers over these natty sites then
thho: Holidays The web is an excellent place for bargain holidays and information on your destinations and Internet travel agencies are among the most successful e-businesses on the Net. Here's some top holiday sites. See TRAVEL AGENTS for high street operators
thop: Travel Agents Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Car Rentals and Hotels
thuk: UK Tour The Virtual Tour of UK and Ireland, Top links to towns, cities and counties. Llinking to all town and cities is a vast task, so please send sites on your local area for inclusion. This zone is mainly populated by recommendations
tr: Transport The Tranport Zone is where you'll find Cars, Bikes, Trains, Planes and other transport resources
trai: Airlines Links to flight information sites and websites of the major airlines. For UK Airport arrivals and departures and other Airport news, select UK AIRPORTS
trap: Airports BAA Airport Arrivals and Departures
trca: Car Zone (Makers) The Car Zone lists the official manufacturers websites so you can peruse the showrooms without leaving home!
trcc: Classic Cars Links to top classic car dealers, collectors, clubs and other old vehicle resources
trfu: The Fuel Zone The Fuel Zone bookmarks some interesting UK fuel resourses. So if you want to find out about the big guys or are just looking for the best deal,keep track of this page.
tror: Off Road Four Wheel Drive manufacturers, e-zines, offroading clubs and events. Offroading is great fun, if you're not brave enough to tackle the steep bits, there's always some other nutter willing to have a go. I may post a couple of my CJ7 pics soon
trpc: Prestige Cars Top links to prestige car resources. Page under construction please revisit later or submit your link using the feedback button
trvm: Vehicle Breakdown Top Links to vehicle servicing and spare parts centres, plus other useful car maintenance stuff
trvs: Vehicle Sales If you are looking to buy or sell a new or second hand car, then this is the place for you. We present some great websites and publications to get you started. For new cars, check out the manufacturers websites in the logolinks CAR ZONE.
tv: TV and Radio Top TV links covering classic TV, Cable and satellite, digital TV plus some top sites for up-to-the minute TV listings and guides
tvch: TV Channel Guide Logolinks TV channel guides and listings is your guide to major UK TV and Radio channels. As always, click on the station logos to visit their website... or click on the small listing icon to view the channels program guide for today, tomorrow and even yesterday
tvcl: TV Classics The Classic TV Zone. What is a TV classic? I really don't know but here's a few links which should help you find some old corkers. I have also included some programme sites themselves
tvco: TV Comedy Welcome to TV Comedy, this page links to some of the best UK TV comedy sites on the web. Not always the official sites but always among best. For top TV comedians, check the Comedians link.
tvdi: Digital TV Digital TV, what is it? Well it's more of the same. Unless you have a weak signal, the picture quality is the same, but there are more channels, and you get digital sound, and widescreen and better teletext - probably. I'm waiting for digital cable
tvdo: TV Documentary The Documentary Zone, This zone contains links to popular UK TV documantery channels and documentary programming websites, Science, History, Nature and Consumer Issues
tved: TV Education Educational Television programme websites for Ankle-biters and Wrinklies alike. They're all BBC at present purely by chance than planning
tvge: TV Entertainment The General TV Entertainment Zone contains links to some top general entertainment and drama programmes
tvki: Kids TV Welcome to the Childrens TV Zone. This zone lists some great links to classic Kids TV programmes of today and yesteryear. Kids programmes, classic Kids TV and Kids TV Channels
tvmo: Movie Channels The TV Movie Channel Zone. Listing official sites for TV Movie Channels
tvmu: Music TV The Music TV Channel Zone. Listing official sites for Music TV Channels on cable, digital and satellite
tvne: TV News The TV News Channel Zone. Listing official sites for TV News Providers and TV Channels
tvra: Radio This page concentrates on London at present, but I have plans to restructure it to include the big boys from all over the UK. Please submit links to your favourite stations using the FEEDBACK button.
tvre: Regional TV The UK Regional ITV Zone, listing official sites for the ITV regional television broadcasters
tvsf: TV Sci-Fi The Sci-Fi Zone links to TV Science fiction programmes. Classic science fiction
tvsh: TV Shopping The TV Shopping Channel Zone. Listing official sites for the TV shopping channels
tvso: TV Soaps Top UK Soap Mag Inside Soap
tvsp: TV Sports The TV Sports Channel Zone. Listing official sites for the TV sports channels
un: Unexplained Top weird and wonderful web resources, Spooks, UFOs, Mysteries, Folklore, Myths, Magic, Legends and things that go bump in the night !
unha: Halloween Here's our choice of top Halloween sites to get you in the mood this year. Trick or Treatsters are getting to be a bit of pain in the arse aren't they. We had two kids visit us on the 29th in the afternoon!! No costume though, they thought that pulling their jacket over their head was frightening enough!! Come on get it sorted kids
xmas: Christmas and Shopping Links The Christmas Zone comes but once a year. Yes it's your logolinks guide to some interesting Christmas sites. Need more Christmas links?
yt: YouTube Music Video Watch and listen to your own personal collection of YouTube favourite music videos. We have just launched this and are working to make it easy for you to add your own favourite YouTube videos. To play the video click the picture, for more options click on the blue arrow.
yt80: YouTube 80s Music Watch and listen to your favourite eighties music right here. Registered users of logolinks will be able to maintain their own favourites.
ytdw: YouTube Doctor Who Classic Music Moments from recent Doctor Who episodes starring Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant
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