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You are in: WAPWAP: WAP, Wireless Application Protocol is a system which allows WAP enabled mobile phones to surf the net. The sites you can visit have to be specially written to support WAP but these are growing fast so theres plenty to see. Basically WAP looks pretty naff compared to a PC browser, but it's a step in the right direction and seems to be very popular.

197: Cab NumbersInformationGold-Star Never be without a minicab again, Cab Numbers works though WAP, SMS or the web and simply tells you where your nearest minicab firms are including their phone number and opening times. Brilliant !
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1348: WAP UK (WAP Portal)Information WAP co uk, the ultimate UK WAP portal from WAP Ltd. Use this portal to find UK WAP sites. Theres also a realtime WAP emulator to access the WAP version of the site - cool.
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1349: WAP UK com (WAP Resource)Information WAP UK, a major player in WAP solutions for your online business. The sites also has news, resources and tutorials for WML developers. More Links
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1350: Win Wap (Windows Browser)Information WinWAP from Slobtrot can be downloaded on 30 day trial so you can see what WAP is all about. After that its about 35 dollars.
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