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You are in: IT JobsIT Jobs: There are many opportunities these day for careers in computing so here's a page of top computer recruitment agencies for both permanaent and contract staff.

744: Computer Weekly (Computer Trade Publication)InformationWikipedia ComputerWeekly is a weekly magazine for IT professionals which has been published by Reed Business Information for over 40 years. The magazine is available free to IT professionals who meet the circulation requirements
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754: Computing (IT Publication)Information Computing Net, the weekly IT mag online. Subscribe to the printed version here. Top recruitment section, news, reviews and IT business
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1342: Contractors Online (IT Contracting)Information Contractors Online, brings contractors in direct reach of client organisations, eliminating the middle man. Enter your details with certain keywords for clients to pick up-on from the search. I searched for Cobol and found nothing, oh well back to the agencies
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1344: Search JobWorldInformation Best International
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1345: Jobserve (The Largest Source of IT Vacancies in the UK)Information Jobserve, the largest source of IT vacancies in the UK, with a staggering 150,000 new contract and permanent vacancies every month. Subscribe now, send a blank e-mail to
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1346: Contract Warehouse (IT Recruitment)Information Contract Warehouse, an IT recruitment service for Contract positions. Registered candidates are notified via E-mail of available positions and any placements made before March 2000, subject to conditions, receive a free Pentium III PC
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1347: Contractor UK (IT Contracting Resource)Information Contractor UK, founded by IT contractors and 100% independent. This site is a huge resource for IT contractors. News, forums, Money Advice, Training, Contract searches. Covers IR35 guidelines. More Contracting Links
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