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You are in: TV Sci-FiTV Sci-Fi: The Sci-Fi Zone links to TV Science fiction programmes. Classic science fiction

133: Dr Who (BBC TV Series)InformationWikipediaGold-StarInspire Me! The end of an era. David Tennant as Doctor Who and Russell T Davies as the writer will be no more. It's time to move on but not forget. We are setting up a new Dr Who zone this week and will be adding You Tube content, keep 'em peeled people.
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355: Blakes 7 (Classic BBC Sci-Fi Series)Information is another cool Blakes 7 site featuring articles, informaton, discussions and latest news. Unfortunately it is no longer being updated so will be removed shortly.
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358: Star Trek (BBC Star Trek Site)Information Star Trek (BBC Star Trek Site)
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365: Blakes 7 (BBC Sci Fi Series)Information This Blakes 7 Fan site has a cool FLASH INTRO to the B7 characters. There's also scripts, sounds, news, episode guides and an overview of the series. Thanks to Steve for the link
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381: X-Files (Official Site of the American Series)Information X-Files (Official Site of the American Series)
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382: UFO (Gerry Andersons 70's TV Series)Information UFO, the classic Gerry Anderson 1970 sci-fi series starring Ed Bishop as Commander Straker. This site from Marc Martin is the best available and features a mountain of info, check out Whats New. There is also a nice fullUFO Links page
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