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You are in: Public UtilitiesPublic Utilities: This page consists of links to public service utilites such as gas, water and the leccy. For telephone services, check out TELECOMS.

1562: Mopay (Mobile Recycling)InformationGold-StareCommerce Dig out all of your old mobile handsets and sell them for cash or exchange for vouchers at Five easy steps guide you through the process
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124: u-Switch (Compare Utility Providers)InformationGold-Star U-Switch can help you save on your home and financial services. Offering comparisons with Gas, Electricity, Water, Phone, Broadband, Digital TV, Loan and Credit card companies in one handy website.
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757: Thames Water (London Water)Information Thames Water, the biggest water company on the UK. Company news, Household Services and Water conservation information
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804: British Gas (GAS Online)Information What should you do if you smell gas? Call Transco on 0800 111 999. The GAS Emergency page offers useful advice.
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811: I Have Moved (Address Changes)Information I Have Moved. This great FREE service will notify companies of your address change for you. No more wasting time on the phone. The list of service providers is growing so check it out when you next move house
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