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You are in: Fast FoodFast Food: Links to major fast food chains and roadside cafes and restaurants. Some companies are offering online ordering. For higher quality establishments visit our Restaurants Zone.

1704: Papa Johns (Pizza)InformationWikipedia Founded in 1984, Papa John's Pizza is the third largest take-out and delivery pizza restaurant chain in the United States, behind Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza.
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1198: Little Chef (Restaurant)InformationWikipedia Little Chef is a chain of roadside restaurants in the United Kingdom, founded in 1958.
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1065: Beefeater (UK Steak Houses)InformationWikipedia Beefeater is a chain of pub restaurants in the United Kingdom, owned by Whitbread. There are currently 131 Beefeater restaurants in the UK.
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1190: Pizza Hut (Restaurant)InformationWikipediaeCommerce Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise. The chain was founded in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney. They chose the name "Pizza Hut" since the sign they purchased only had enough space for nine characters and spaces!
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1231: TGI Fridays (American Restaurant)InformationWikipedia TGI Fridays opened in New York in 1965 and is now famous worldwide. It's a great place to enjoy a family American style meal and noisy kids are especially welcome! Find you local restaurant onsite.
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1188: McDonalds (Restaurant)InformationWikipedia McDonalds opened its first store in 1940, the home of the Big Mac currently has over 31,000 restaurants in 119 countries. The menu today has low fat options but we all know that we love the Quarter Pounder with Cheese!
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1230: Burger King (Restaurant)InformationWikipedia Burger King started in the US in 1954, now has more than 11 thousand stores. Home of the flame grilled Whopper - that's a nice burger !
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181: Fast Food SecretsInformation Fast food fans take note. enables you to recreate many famous fast foodstuffs including Big Mac special sauce, MacDonalds Milkshakes and KFC BBQ Baked Beans, yum.
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1058: Classic Cafes (UK Cafe Guide)Information Classic Cafes, reviews Londons vintage 50s and 60s cafes. Often refferred to as 'greasy spoons' where you can get a real breakfast before building that tower block. Track 'em down and get stuck in.
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1106: Perfect PizzaInformation Perfect Pizza, this UK based site is well presented and has a store locator, individual restaurant menus and offers, news and jobs
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1122: Dominos PizzaInformation Dominos Pizza, order from any of the 190 locations right here on the web, or even via Sky Digital Open.. This site lists Dominos menu (no pricing) with pizza pictures and has a UK store locator
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