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You are in: Department StoresDepartment Stores: Top links to department stores, online catalog stores and other stores of general interest. Also currently includes stores which do not fit into the other categories

79: Argos (Catalogue Showroom)InformationWikipediaGold-Star First opening in 1973, Argos is now the largest general-goods retailer in the United Kingdom and Ireland with over 800 stores. It is unique amongst major retailers in the UK in that it is a catalogue merchant.
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714: WH Smith (Stationery)InformationeCommerce WH Smith (High street Stationery and News)
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640: Woolworths (UK General Store)Information Woolworths, American tycoon Frank Winfield Woolworth opened the first UK Woolies in 1909, it grew to over 800 stores before going into liquidation. But the website lives on!
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277: Tesco OnlineInformationWikipediaGold-StareCommerce Tesco, founded in 1919 in London, is the king of supermarkets and has a massive site here. Wine, entertainment, flowers, groceries, electrical, baby and pretty much everything else.
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693: Debenhams (Department Store)InformationWikipediaeCommerce Debenhams is one of the most well known UK department stores, its first store of the type we know today opened in Londons Oxford street in 1919.
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104: John Lewis (Department Store)InformationGold-Star The John Lewis website is clear, simple and very well presented. With over 10,000 lines, theres a huge selection of goods but donít worry, the nav and search systems lets you find you way around with ease
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244: Staggerin (Party Essentials)InformationGold-Star Looking to spice up a party night, look no further than Staggerin. Over 2000 products to add flavour to your party, Fancy Dress, Stag and Hen, Theme nights, and so on. Free UK delivery.
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12: Avon (Fashion Store)Information Avon is the world's leading direct seller of beauty and related products and one of the UK's leading sellers of mass beauty products. They also sell fashion jewellery, lingerie, accessories and gifts.
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70: Index (Catalogue Showroom)InformationGold-Star Index Online, the high street catalogue shop. View and purchase goods from the catalogue online or, if you still fancy a walk, there's a handy store locator
Edit: 5th Feb 2000 - View Similar Links

351: La Redoute (Fashion Store)Information La Redoute, affordable unique fashions for men, women and kids. Sportwear and lingerie. Online ordering and searchable catalogue. Small delivery charge, 5-10 days
Edit: 10th Mar 2000 - View Similar Links

354: Boysstuff (Big Toys for Big Boys)Information Boys Stuff, big toys for big boys. This online store sells everything for the ultimate geezer. Gadgets, Techno Goods, Cool Accessories and more. Secure Online Ordering, check out Whats New
Edit: 20th Mar 2000 - View Similar Links

577: Innovations (Online Gadget Store)Information Innovations, the gadget catalogue has gone online. Ideal for the stranger presents and gifts, this site is clear and fast with online ordering
Edit: 16th Sep 1999 - View Similar Links

578: Unclaimed Baggage (Online Store)Information Unclaimed Baggage, this American store sells stuff found in airports and the like at rock bottom price. Order Online
Edit: 16th Sep 1999 - View Similar Links

597: Selfridges (Department Store)Information Selfridges, the famous Oxford Street and Manchester Department Store
Edit: 12th Oct 1999 - View Similar Links

624: Freemans Direct (Catalogue Shopping)Information Freemans Direct, Womens, Mens, Kids and Sports Fashion since 1905. 2000 range now online. Famous names at high street prices. Online store. Search facility and fashion tips
Edit: 10th Mar 2000 - View Similar Links

625: Choice Online (Catalogue Shopping)Information Choice Online, a quality online catalog from GUS. Interest free credit, Free delivery, 20% off first order. Clear navigation and good search facilties. Enquiry line 0541 515 500
Edit: 10th Mar 2000 - View Similar Links

679: BigSave (Online Shopping)Information Bigsave, announced as the Biggest, Busiest and Best one-stop shop for British consumers. Well its certainly got loads of choice - over 5000 products and big savings. Free registration required
Edit: 7th Dec 1999 - View Similar Links

697: Great Universal (Catalogue Shopping)Information Great Universal, the online version of the famous home catalogue. Interest Free Credit, Free Delivery, Online Ordering, Search by product, size, colour or simply enter the catalogue number
Edit: 6th Feb 2000 - View Similar Links

700: The Gadget Shop (Online Gift Store)Information The Gadget Shop, brilliant flash enhancement gives this site a very Gadget Shop feel indeed. Locate your nearest store, search for a product and buy online and check out the Top Ten gadgets
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