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Link: Google (Web Search Engine)

1391: Google (Web Search Engine)
Google, this is the current Demon Pete Gold Star site. Extremely simple with no faffing about or screen clutter, very fast. Returns consistently relevant data by rating sites based on reciprocal links. Nice one

Logolinks ID 1391 (in-goo) 
Link Status Active 
Link Added 18th Jan 2000  
Last Review 12th Sep 2009  
Logolinks Launched 18th Jan 2000  
Logolinks Rating 4/4 All Time Great (Shining Star)
Membership Level Available to everyone 
Audience Suitabilty Universal
Street Map No Grid-Reference Recorded 
eCommerce Unspecified  
Logolinks Awards No Specific Awards 
Link Type Direct External Link  
Linkback Linkback not applicable 
Link Tag No Special Tags  
Wikipedia Tag Google
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