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Link: Area 404 (The 404 Research Lab)

1100: Area 404 (The 404 Research Lab)
Area 404, no not a new Peugeot. Web Servers return a 404 error page if you ask for a page which doesn't exist. 404 pages can be customised for each server and this site has a great database of links pointing to weird and wacky 404 error pages !

Logolinks ID 1100 (hu-404) 
Link Status Active 
Link Added 22nd Nov 1999  
Last Review 26th Mar 2001  
Logolinks Launched 22nd Nov 1999  
Logolinks Rating 2/4 Great (Silver Star)
Membership Level Available to everyone 
Audience Suitabilty Universal
Street Map No Grid-Reference Recorded 
eCommerce Unspecified  
Logolinks Awards No Specific Awards 
Link Type Direct External Link  
Linkback Linkback not applicable 
Link Tag No Special Tags  
Wikipedia Tag No Wikipedia Link 
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