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Logolinks is dedicated to bringing you the latest, coolest and most relevant UK biased websites. We welcome suggestions for new links, we'll even acknowledge the fact that you recommended the link on our website. And although we focus on the UK, we will accept websites from all over the world providing that they offer a UK relevance.

Suggest a Link It is simple to add a link to your site or a site you want to share with us. If you're a member already with a green card, you can add links directly yourself (see note 1). Alternatively, anyone can suggest a link to us using our link-suggestion form. Click on the icon here, fill in the short form and we will review the website for addition to our database (See note 4).

Registering is easy, you can be up and running in minutes and its free of charge. As well as being able to add links directly, you'll also benefit from our regular email newsletter and you'll have access to 'green card' links and articles. For more information on the benefits or registration and to sign up, click on the Green Card or on the SUBSCRIBE link on the left.

All members are able to use the ADD-LINK button which features in the right hand panel on most pages. This allows you to enter a link DIRECTLY into our database for instant worldwide access. Providing the site is not already in our database, the site will appear in the zone you are viewing. If the site is already in our database then it cannot be added again.
If you add a site directly, your userid will be displayed next to 'recommended by' in the link information page. You can view the link information page by clicking the small blue arrow under the site logo.
Unfortunately we do not yet support automatic uploading of a logo for your link. We are working on this but in the meantime, a temporary icon will be assigned and you can email the logo graphic or url for inclusion to
Alternatively, tell us about your website or a site you really like and we'll add it for you. To do this, click on SITE SERVICES in the left hand navigation panel, then select SUGGEST-A-LINK. Note that this option will require one of our team to review the site first therefore there may be a delay in the link appearing.
Logolinks is recognised as a UK directory by some search submission software. Such software automatically submits your link to many different search engines and directories and it is possible for this software to add a link to our database on your behalf. You will need to check if the software includes Logolinks. We are included on Dreamsubmit

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